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The weather is getting chilly little by little

Everyone be careful with colds ^-^

The main character in the first photo today is a blue jacket model with pretty permed hair,
Striped T-shirt and blue jacket go well together
The hair and smile are so pretty~
The second model is her long straight hair~
The bright hair is so attractive
Jeans and cardigans,
The mustard color of Walkerhill is also attractive~~
Stand out even more by choosing stylish sunglasses
I finished the coordination
Nice patchy~
Next up are pretty fashion models whose two-shots are so obvious,
Those who love black jeans and denim jeans fashion~
It looks like a twin look that goes well with something
The coordination that suits something subtle,
Next, wear comfortable pajamas on the sofa,
I think this comfortable dress is the best at home
Easy-wear that feels like you can deep sleep
Looking at street fashion like this
There are a lot of cool pictures
There are 3 people together
It looks more fashionable.. heh
That’s a great pictorial of Bella Hadid.
Pink fur is so pretty..
The inner dress is also really high quality
Bella Hadid is said to be Jiji Hadid’s sister.
Bella is said to be her younger sister,,^^ It’s amazing ㅋ
I was born in 96
Maturity is not a joke.
Natural bundle hair
The ribbon is so pretty Worn On Tv
The coat fashion you like,
The harmony between the bag, jeans and the coat is so cool~
Am I not made?
(It’s funny to translate it into Korean)
Are you made of stars?
Beautiful shoes,
The pink color is so pretty
Black fashion and white sneakers,
Something unique fashion and hair,
I like the expression.
Pretty sister
Instagram Stuyvesant,
Like a Russian model,
A model with an attractive cute face~~
Your daily life and your style and fashion are posted on Instagram~
Mamijin and tea layered are the best
Pappy coordination that brings out the beauty,
Leather wide pants
The charm of a leather bag
V-neck with a deep neck,
Pretty Hyo~~
Cool white and black coordination
Burgundy color pants and black turtleneck knit
The glasses are so stylish too haha
The long hair is so pretty~
Suede shoes with cut jeans and pretty color
With a gray turtleneck knit
Jean Jacket,
Outerwear that feels old-fashioned but refined
If you layer it like this when it’s cold
While cool
Coordination good good
Knit & skirt fashion,
You seem to be drawing something?
Black knee high boots
Pretty pretty
Hani with the black mini dress
Something sexy, sexy, more sexy,
Layered overly pretty ,,
Loose Fit Fur Outer
Attractive python bag,
Adidas Stan Smith,
Goose down outer,
Black shiny leggings seem to be a unique material…
As if you’re warming up a black beanie too, heh
These days, it’s winter, so I think I’m paying more attention to socks,
I feel like wearing pretty socks makes me feel better…
On white tee and leggings
Socks desertification fashion
Good good
Feeling fashion
It seems that jeans with cut off hem are fashionable these days…
When I think I should buy one, haha
Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid
As expected, the body supports the leggings fashion
Just pretty
Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner,
I know you are very close
Tie the lovely torn and top for a more stylish fashion
The outer is also very cute
It would be really nice in winter
Even if I just wear one and go out
I don’t think it’s cold
Fernille Tace Bag,
Fashion bloggers that I love very much,
After all stylish fashion,
Lastly, the model with pretty hair tied,
White Turtleneck Knit and Gray Jindo
A model that suits you well