The Trendiest Long Pixie Cut Ideas For Ladies With A Busy Lifestyle


Another reason to love a long pixie is that in addition to a great number of styling options it offers, it works for almost any hair type and suits most face shapes. So, if you have decided to upgrade your current haircut to a long pixie, then you are sure to find a dose of inspiration in the guide we have prepared for you below.

How Would You Describe A Long Pixie Cut?

A long pixie cut, which has multiple variations best described on our website Love Hair Styles, is still a pretty short haircut. Its length varies between 1/2 and 3 inches. But unlike a classic pixie, a long version usually features shorter sides and back with a relatively long top as well as long bangs, styled either to the side or to the front.

The Most Fashionable Long Pixie Cut Ideas To Try

Now that you have a clear idea of what a long pixie is, it is time to pick out the style that you are going to make your signature. So, here are the trendiest ideas for long pixies that you would love to try.

The Trendiest Long Pixie Cut Ideas For Ladies With A Busy Lifestyle

A Layered Long Pixie Cut

Adding layers to a pixie haircut instantly makes it more defined and textured. So, if your hair lacks volume and body, this is a failsafe way out for you. What else is great about layering is that it works not only for thin hair but for thick as well. It allows you to take off the excess bulk and make your hairstyle look airy and frisky.

An Asymmetrical Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

As has been proved many times by LoveHairStyles, bangs can make a world of difference to any haircut and a long pixie is no exception. This is especially true when you are going for an asymmetrical pixie cut. Because it may distort proportions in your face, adding side swept bangs will help to restore balance.

A Curly Pixie Haircut With Bangs

Girls with curly locks should not shy away from a pixie haircut. Instead, with their defined hair texture, a pixie gains a fresh and quirky twist. For a feminine and playful touch, you can complement your look with thick front bangs.

A Messy Pixie Haircut

Even though a pixie cut has quite strong tomboyish vibes, you can still give it a bolder and more daring feel by styling it messy. While it is not very difficult to get, as you can simply tousle your locks with a tad of a hair styling product, the look comes out very impactful. So, be prepared for tons of admiring gazes.

The Trendiest Long Pixie Cut Ideas For Ladies With A Busy Lifestyle

A Pixie Cut With Short Bangs

Although usually, you would accompany a long pixie cut by long bangs, short ones will work too. Similar to the haircut, they also do not require much maintenance and styling, so you can literally spruce up your hair on the go. Besides, they do not cover your face much, thus revealing your beautiful facial features.

A Long Undercut Pixie

To pull off this pixie haircut, you should definitely have a great deal of fashion bravery. When paired with an undercut, a long pixie haircut gains more edge and boldness. What is more, it makes the hair on top the focal point of the whole look. So, make sure to style it in an elaborate way.

A Wavy Pixie With Highlights

Give your pixie cut a feminine and romantic touch by styling it in loose flowy waves. In case your hair is naturally wavy, then you can simply enhance your hair texture with a couple of spritzes of sea salt spray. For an added emphasis, get subtle highlights painted in your locks.

A Pixie Faux Hawk

Another surefire way to show off your fashion savviness is by going for a pixie faux hawk. As this haircut takes the hair off your sides, it creates a clean and neat silhouette. So, feel free to style the hair on top in whatever way you like. Push it up so that it forms a peak in the center to create a genuine faux hawk look.

Do we still need to convince you that a long pixie cut should be your next haircut of choice? Hopefully, not. Remember, you can never go wrong with this eye catching and high contrast hair look. So, you are welcome to pick out the pixie that appeals to you most and bring its picture with you on your next haircut appointment.