How to Read the Warning Lights in Your Dyson V10

From the bedroom to the drawing cum dining, the cord-free vacuum cleaners do come in handy. And when you own a Dyson V10, you can achieve optimum cleaning with minimum effort. However, while using it on a day-to-day basis, you also have to learn how to read its warning lights, especially the Dyson V10 blockage light, to keep it functional for a long time.

Why Dyson V10?

In vacuum cleaning, one name that has been accepted worldwide is Dyson V10. Available in three models—Total Clean, Absolute Clean, and Animal, they are known for their powerful suction power. Indeed, there are reasons why people tend to choose this particular brand over others:

  • They are built with the cyclone technology that captures even the most minute particles.
  • The vacuums come with additional tools, such as the crevice tool, combination tool, dusting brush, mini motorised tool, etc.
  • They have up to 60 minutes of run time.
  • They are aided with an LCD screen to monitor performance and run time.
  • Indicators to ease the appliance maintenance

How to Read the Warning Lights in Your Dyson V10?

In order to maintain your Dyson V10, you need to watch out for the two important warning lights—the blockage light and the filter light. If you take a close look at your cleaner, you will find the lights located near the trigger on the battery pack. Now, in the normal state, these lights won’t flash. In case you see them flashing, do remember that your Dyson V10 is not in working condition or won’t work.

So what you would need is a fix, which is pretty easy.

When Your Dyson V10 Blockage Light Is Flashing

Just follow the below steps if you observe the blockage light is flickering:

  1. Detach any tools and the wand from the vacuum.
  2. Hold the trigger for about 10 seconds.
  3. Next, if you see the blockage light turning off, then be certain that there is some blockage in the tools or the wand. Therefore, check both ends of the wand carefully. If you notice any congestion, clear that right away.
  4. After that, check the cleaning head. You can use a coin to open the end cap. Take a look at the neck of the cleaning head thoroughly, and cleanse the brush bar.
  5. If the blockage light still stays on, then the blockage must be in the bin inlet or the cyclones.
  6. Remove the bin, open its door, and if you observe any blockage, tap it against any hard surface to force out the dust or debris.
  7. Now, clean the cyclone in the same manner.
  8. Reattach all the vacuum parts, press the trigger once again for 10 seconds, and confirm whether the blockage light is still flashing. If yes, then it concerns your filter section.

When Your Dyson V10 Filter Light Is Flashing

A glaring filter light suggests you are required to clean the filter. Once done, you can:

  • Attach it to the vacuum and run the device for about 2 minutes. The light should stop flashing by now.
  • Intermittent flashing means the filter hasn’t been fitted correctly. Try pulling it out anti-clockwise, and then again fit it by turning it clockwise.
  • If the light still stays on, then probably, you need to replace the filter.

Other Indications

  • If you notice one flashing blue light, charge it for 3.5 hours.
  • For three flashing blue lights, follow the same procedure.
  • If there is one solid red light or no lights at all, report the issue, you might need a replacement.

The internet is filled with a number of interpretations of the nature of Dyson V10 Blockage Light or other lights. In case you find they are deviating from the mentioned format, take expert help to avoid complications.