9 Ways to Use San Marzano Tomatoes


    You’re in luck if you like San Marzano tomatoes. These delectable tomatoes may be utilized in a number of savory and sweet recipes. San Marzano tomatoes are a plum tomato type known for their sweetness and low acidity. They are commonly used in Neapolitan cuisine and are cultivated in the Campania area of Italy. San Marzanos may be used in a variety of foods, including sauces, soups, and desserts. They’re fantastic in both flavorful meals. Here are a few recipes to help you use San Marzano tomatoes to their full potential.

    1. They’re Great In Soups And Stews

    9 Ways to Use San Marzano Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are well-known for their versatility in soups and stews. With their richness and mild bitterness, San Marzanos elevate this dish to new heights. It also helps that they’re a stunning deep red hue. In recipes like these, the flavor of San Marzanos truly comes through. People all throughout the world are familiar with and like this style of cuisine. It’s a popular dish in many restaurants. It’s simple to cook a large pot of soup or stew and eat it for days. It’s also a fantastic comfort dish.

    1. Add Them To Your Favorite Pasta Dish

    Pasta recipes are one of the most popular ways to use tomatoes. They go together like a glove, and San Marzanos are no exception. When prepared with a carbohydrate like spaghetti, the sweetness of these tomatoes truly shows through. There are countless dishes that may be made with San Marzano tomatoes. You may either prepare a basic sauce or a more elaborate meal. Your taste senses will reward you in any case. The sweetness of San Marzanos will balance out the richness of white pasta recipes like fettuccine Alfredo. Add San Marzanos to your favorite marinara sauce for a crimson pasta meal. The sweetness will give a conventional tomato sauce a new dimension of deliciousness. You may also use them to create intriguing and nuanced tastes in meals using other varieties of tomatoes.

    1. Use Them In Salads

    San Marzanos are used in more than simply pasta recipes. They’re also a terrific complement to salads. Incorporate a few San Marzanos to your next salad by cutting them up. You’ll have a tasty and healthy meal in minutes. The tomatoes’ sweetness will add depth to the dish and counterbalance nicely with bitter greens like baby spinach or bean sprouts. Furthermore, the tomato juice will aid in the dressing of the salad greens. Additionally, San Marzano tomato plants can be grown for added advantages.

    1. Use Them In Salsa

    Salsa recipes are another fantastic way to use San Marzanos. Their sweetness will again give a nice contrast to the other salsa ingredients. They’ll also provide a level of flavor depth that regular chopped tomatoes can’t quite equal. For a delicious flavor, try using them in this Roasted Tomato Salsa recipe. Salsa is a terrific appetizer or party meal, and it’ll be a success among San Marzanos. Tomatoes are commonly thought of as a summer fruit, but they’re also wonderful in winter meals. Their sweetness and juiciness complement the aromas of winter spices like cinnamon and nutmeg well.

    1. Use Them As A Pizza Topping

    On top of a pizza, San Marzanos is a terrific way to use them. They’ll give the dish a fantastic depth of flavor as well as a hint of sweetness to balance out the sharpness of the cheese and pepperoni. Pizza is delicious at any time of year, but incorporating seasonal ingredients such as San Marzanos can elevate your pizza to a new level. San Marzanos are also a great addition to a white pizza. Pizza companies such as DiGiorno have noticed this and now offer a San Marzano pizza as one of their alternatives.

    1. Add Them To Your Breakfast Omelet Or Scramble

    9 Ways to Use San Marzano Tomatoes

    For a delightful way to start the day, add San Marzanos to your morning omelet or scramble. The tomato’s sweetness will counteract the saltiness of the bacon and eggs. If you’re searching for something different than scrambled eggs or oatmeal, this is a terrific alternative. This is a terrific approach to amaze your visitors because people are constantly seeking for fresh and unusual breakfast ideas. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to use up any leftover San Marzanos.

    1. Bake Them Into A Savory Casserole

    Casseroles are a versatile meal that can be adapted to suit any taste. For a fantastic Italian-inspired dish, combine San Marzanos with salty bacon and fresh mozzarella cheese. This meal is ideal for feeding a big gathering or serving as a special dish during a dinner party. When you accomplish this, everyone will want to know the recipe. It’s also a great way to use up any remaining San Marzano tomatoes.

    1. Grill Them And Serve As A Side Dish

    9 Ways to Use San Marzano Tomatoes

    Grilling San Marzanos is a terrific method to prepare them. The Smokey taste contrasts beautifully with the tomato’s sweetness. Grill them till slightly charred for a delectable and distinctive side dish that goes with any dinner. Grilled tomatoes are also a tasty addition to burgers and sandwiches. It provides the ideal balance of tastes and textures to elevate your dish to new heights. Tomatoes that have been grilled can also be utilized in salads or antipasti dishes. San Marzano tomatoes can also be used in desserts. Their sweet taste goes well with a variety of tastes, including chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon.

    1. Make A Classic Marinara Sauce

    There’s nothing like a homemade marinara sauce when it comes to comfort food. This quick sauce may be used in a number of recipes and takes only a few minutes to make. To make it, start by softening the onions and garlic in olive oil. Then add the tomatoes and cook for another 15-20 minutes, or until the flavors have merged. Finally, season to taste with salt, pepper, and herbs. Serve as a spaghetti sauce or a pizza topper.


    To summarize, San Marzanos are a tasty tomato variety that may be utilized in a number of dishes. They’re ideal for quick and simple dishes like marinara sauce and pizza toppings. So, the next time you have some San Marzano tomatoes on hand, try one of the recipes described above.