Basic Makeup Tips for Older Women

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There are middle-aged stars who are occupying the home theater with beautiful appearances and visuals that are colorless based on their strong acting skills while young and beautiful actresses and pop idol stars are filling the CRT. There will be a number of women who are looking at a nice and pretty middle-aged star and envy her alluring beauty. What is the know-how of makeup that makes middle-aged women younger, more elegant, and attractive than their age?

◆ To avoid excessive blemishes,

The skin surface becomes dry and thinner when the middle-aged age reaches a 2% lack of cover. When using a base makeup product with strong coverage to hide blemishes, pores, and wrinkles, the skin looks dull due to the thick skin expression, and it is easy to look older. Full makeup to hide not only looks stuffy and tacky but also makes wrinkles look more prominent.

For natural and elastic skin makeup, first of all, you need to pay more attention to the basic skincare step where enough moisture and oil are added to the skin. Use a moisturizing cream before makeup to prevent dry skin, and then use a pearl-containing primer for deep wrinkles and sagging pores to make the skin’s surface shiny and smooth.

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Using a small amount of cushion or liquid foundation, apply a thin layer evenly from the center of the face to the outside. At this time, apply only the smallest amount around the eyes and mouth. Make sure that your foundation does not clump due to frequent muscle movements or wrinkles. Use concealer for noticeable blemishes. It is an important point to cover it to look a little lighter than a perfect blemishes cover and express it with a natural shiny skin overall.

◆ Eye makeup is minimal

The eyebrows are darker and thinner, the older they look, so naturally, with a light brown color, it creates a youthful atmosphere by giving a moderate sense of thickness. As you get older, the fat layer above your eyebrows falls out, so even if you draw straight eyebrows out of greed, you don’t feel like straight. Use the original eyebrow shape to make it a bit thicker.

The eye shadow is brown and only slightly shades and the eye line is thin, but not long. If you fill in the space between the eyelashes with an eyeline pencil, the eyelashes will also look full and make your eyes clear.

◆The lip color is a tone down,

so in middle age, the volume of lips decreases and even fine wrinkles are added, so a red lipstick can make wrinkles appear more emphasized. Therefore, no matter how trending, if you are concerned about wrinkles on your lips, avoid red.

In middle age, lips often become dull, so it is good to express bright and moisturized with a tone-down coral or a calm pink lipstick.

◆The cheeks have natural redness

The cheek touch uses a cream-formed blusher to prevent it from looking dry and creates a natural blush from the center of the cheek toward the lower cheekbones to give vitality to the face.

The makeup point of the middle-aged, looking 10 years younger, boldly breaks away from thick skin makeup and dark colors, and gives natural, moist and shiny skin that matches the skin tone, thicker eyebrows with natural lines, thin and clear eyeliners, toned down lip color, and complexion. Keep in mind that you are finishing with a light cheek touch.