7 Incredible Truths about Beauty and Makeup


Some makeup-related superstitions sound like they were intentionally created by the cosmetics industry, but they are true. To keep your skin healthy, take note of a few facts!

Beauty tips are everywhere, and many tips are being passed from generation to generation. Some of them are 100% superstitious, while others are 100% true. Today, we want to find out the incredible truth about beauty and makeup. Our health and beauty depend on these tips, so let ‘s pay attention.

7 incredible truths about beauty and makeup

1. Mascara should be replaced every 3 months

8 beauty and makeup superstitions that are actually true

It sounds like a word made up to make you buy more makeup products. Sure, it may sound like that, but you should actually throw it away after 3 months of using mascara.

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The liquid concentration is the perfect home for bacteria. Every time you take the brush out of the tube every day, bacteria can get in, and after 3 months, the mascara can cause eye infection.

  • If your eyes are red, irritated, or burning, consider how old the mascara you are using.
  • Make-up in an unsanitary or contaminated environment will result in a shorter shelf life.

2. Any skin type should use toner

There is also a part of this “superstition” that is true. Facial toners are generally designed to prevent oily and acne skin. Therefore, people don’t think you need to use toner unless you have a lot of oily skin.

However, there are toners for all skin types and conditions, so you have to choose the right product.

  • If you need to exfoliate or have a lot of oil , try using ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid.
  • For irritated skin , use a toner containing chamomile, cucumber, or vitamin E.
  • If you want more moisture, try a toner with glycerin, hyaluronic acid and rose water.
  • Toners containing vitamin C can help minimize aging .

3. Toothpaste can get rid of acne

3. Toothpaste can get rid of acne 

Perhaps this may sound like the worst beauty-related superstition. But in fact, the hydrogen peroxide and triclosan in toothpaste are perfect for drying acne.

Toothpaste is also antibacterial, so it can prevent severe skin problems . In other words, none of the traditional treatments are more effective than toothpaste.

  • Although it has a drying effect, it can irritate sensitive skin, make the skin red, and cause scales.
  • If you experience these symptoms, try changing your toothpaste or using a different product.

4. Red manicure turns yellow nails

This is true because nails absorb pigments in nail polish . Therefore, the best way to prevent discoloration is to apply a transparent base coat first. The clear coat absorbs excess pigment and protects your nails. If you forget your base coat, you should get rid of the red nail polish as soon as possible. You can get a proper base coat online from sites like Coteshop.

5. Sleeping with makeup on causes blackheads

5. Sleeping with makeup on causes blackheads

This superstition sounds like a marketing strategy for a company that sells makeup removers, but it’s really true. At night, the skin regenerates itself  , removing dead skin cells and replacing them with new ones.

However, if the skin is coated with makeup, the pores are clogged and it interferes with the regeneration process. So if you’re too tired to completely remove your makeup at night, at least wipe it off with a cotton swab and warm water.

6. Waxing prevents hair growth

Waxing is much more effective than shaving because it removes hair from the roots . And it takes longer to grow back. Waxing doesn’t mean that your hair doesn’t grow completely, but wax can leave your hair lost for a long time.

It will also continue to weaken the hair and damage the hair follicles, eventually preventing them from growing again.

7. Skin gets used to skin care products over time

7. Skin gets used to skin care products over time 

Some of the makeup superstitions are half the truth, and this is one of them. Depending on the ingredients in the product, our skin can get used to it. This occurs especially with regard to vitamin A.

On the other hand, it does not do so with other ingredients such as antioxidants, moisturizers and peptides. Nevertheless, however, the benefits of certain beauty products tend to stabilize as they reach a point where they can no longer change the skin.

If this is the case, you should choose another product. Try other active ingredients or seek advice from your dermatologist.

What do you think of the superstitions described so far? As you can see, some tips are actually true and need to be considered. Let’s make good use of the truth introduced today to beautify yourself.