How to prevent harmful effects of makeup on your skin?

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

We all know about the harmful effects of the makeup. However, we cannot stop using it as it has become a part and parcel of our life now. We often see clogged pores, skin getting dried, and appearance of premature fine lines on our face due to using makeup consistently. But still, we cannot remove it from our lives. We tend to hide imperfections of our face such as scars, fine lines etc. So, using makeup is a need nowadays, not a luxury. There are many ways we can use makeup without damaging our skin. Let us see how:

Remove makeup before sleeping:

Imagine coming from a party late at night and feeling so much worn out that you without removing your makeup. You will definitely find lots of acne the next morning. This happens because makeup contains many harmful ingredients that can cause serious damage to our skin if you are accustomed to sleeping with makeup on your face. If you are feeling tired, get yourself a cleanser or makeup remover and clean your face with wipes and try cleansing water at Bioderma

Never share your makeup with anyone:

Our skin is a favorite place for many bacteria to live and grow. People with acne-prone skin usually gave more bacteria and if they come in contact with more bacteria, the breakout gets worse. This is the reason, it is recommended to not share your makeup especially makeup accessories and lipsticks with anyone. Just as you cannot share your toothbrush with anyone, you should avoid letting anyone use your makeup products

Use makeup products with sun protection factors:

Sun protection factor has become a basic necessity these days. Overexposure to skin damages the skin beyond our imagination. It is a misconception to use makeup and then to not use any sunblock because makeup has the tendency to block UV rays from reaching our skin. The reality is that not every makeup item can protect your skin. When you purchase the makeup, try to look for the one with a sun protection factor of at least 50.

Use high-quality makeup:

There are different brands that manufacture products that are dermatologically tested and approved. These products are generally safe to use unless you have super sensitive skin. These products are generally deemed best to be used on skin and also cause very little damage to the skin. Usually, top-notch companies offer such products which have good quality and are rather expensive. But, when it is the matter of your face, you should never compromise on the quality even if you have to pay extra bucks

Scrub your skin often:

Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of the dirt and debris that sits on your face. After makeup, the skin becomes prone to acne and therefore, exfoliation is useful because it unclogs pores. Try to scrub your skin at least twice a week to keep your skin healthy and acne-free.