Home Top List 5 Incredible Benefits Of E-Commerce For Agriculture (E-Agriculture Online Selling)

5 Incredible Benefits Of E-Commerce For Agriculture (E-Agriculture Online Selling)

5 Incredible Benefits Of E-Commerce For Agriculture

E-Agriculture is a benchmark of how technology and conventional agricultural frameworks, when brought together, make for better, more efficient methods. And the returns directly and positively benefit farmers and/or direct sellers. 

With the help of agri-focused companies such as Pinduoduo Inc company, here are 6 incredible benefits you can achieve first-hand, by transitioning to E-agriculture and E-Ag online selling. 

  1. Overall Reduced Business Costs 

One of the primary advantages of farmers choosing the online realm for their business is that the cost of doing so, and maintaining their platforms, is much less than sustaining a traditional ceiling-to-floor stall. Add to that costs for traditional advertising and marketing which you can do away with (something we’ll be discussing as you read on). 

There can be a significant reduction in store upkeep. Even as you hire a team of content and web developers, the total amount you’ll shell out will be far from what you would spend on a “physical” shop and/or store. 

  1. Maximized Advertising 

Many farmers and business owners in the agriculture industry have yet to see how online advertising is more far-reaching than any of its traditional counterparts. Besides economical costs, you have a plethora of streams to avail of, for getting word of your products out there and on the web. 

From social media to Search Engine, you’ve got an entire sphere of online workings that can move your products from the shelf onto the stage which is the web itself, and to potential customers. You’ll just have to find the right channels for effective online advertising. 

  1. Target Marketing

A quarter of the population in the world have turned to online shopping for fresh produce. This number is expected to rise in the coming years. That’s a quarter of humankind from whom potential target audiences can be sifted. 

“Target” audiences? Yes. Target marketing speaks of streamlining customers who are most likely to avail of your products from those who are merely browsing through but won’t ever add anything of your shop’s to their carts. 

Demographic, buying preferences, online frequency (and which platforms they frequent), location, and the like can be tracked so that it narrows down your business’ market. Also, so that you can tailor your ads and marketing strategies to fit said categories. 

  1. Wider Market Reach 

Another excellent benefit of E-Ag/ E-Commerce is that farmers have a wider market and an even wider market-reach. Your business essentially doesn’t have “limitations” such as distance and store access. 

As long as your delivery logistics include the locations of your customers, you can ship their orders without hassles. 

In addition, this very feature of E-ag online selling is what can broaden the scope of your business. It will now be able to reach long-distance, off-shore customers. 

  1. Convenience In Payment Sending And Receipt 

Your customers will have no trouble transferring amounts using their preferred mode of payments to your seller account. On that note, you, as a seller, will also have no trouble receiving said payments. 

Cash on delivery, UPI (Unified Payments Interface), EMI (Equated Monthly Installment), card on delivery, net banking, the list goes on. In light of all these, you can affix specific payment methods that your team can handle the easiest.