Until recently, the only device that children used as a home computer. It was quite easy to set parental controls on it. Currently, however, we cannot imagine a world where our children do not have their own phones, which in our opinion, is only used for contact with us. We know very well that it doesn’t work that way. We have to think about the safety of our little ones and not to do the trick on us, for example, with a big bill or annoying activity.

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Child and smartphone – how to monitor and control?

1.      First of all: talk!

Scientific research clearly shows that nothing can make our child safe in a more effective way than through good contact with the parent. This non-ban on using the telephone will not ensure that the child is not exposed to threats.

It is the discussion and how we will make it aware that the most dependable. You should use a smartphone with kids in the initial stages, showing good behavior but also sharing knowledge about risks. Slowly, not all at once. You have to be able to keep your balance. One should try not to alienate the child but to make the user aware of it.

2.      Secondly, use parental monitoring app

Of course, although the conversation is important, especially since you are not able to be responsible for what your child does among your friends using their phones, it is worth thinking about introducing parental controls with the help of Family parental monitoring app on their phone.

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There is too much content that is completely inappropriate and so easily accessible. It is also worth checking whether the child is really following what you talked about. Part of the app allows you to keep track of everything they do on their phone’ be it browsing, SMS, app usage, or screen time. You can get to know about everything they do in the digital world. Not only that, with advanced apps such as FamilyTime, you can track their locations and get alerts too. Here is what you can do with the FamilyTime app in hand:

  • Monitor browsing history of kids
  • Check SMS history to know what do they talk about
  • View the list of all of the installed applications.
  • Block any application you want, such as social apps, messaging apps, sexting apps, or adult-rated apps.
  • Put an alert on the blacklisted apps and be notified of the use.
  • Unblock any app, anytime you want.
  • Limit the screen time with the help of screen locks. This reduces the number of hours they spend on social media. It takes away the distractions caused by notifications during homework and at night.
  • Set the lock timings according to your preferences.
  • These locks are automated, and their devices unlock on their own at the designated time.

Isn’t it all great? It certainly is. So, why miss this opportunity. Get the parental monitoring app now on your phone for a free trial.

We recommend that you talk to your kids and use parental monitoring apps to keep track of their activities, as losing trust is a very serious thing. Happy parenting!