How to Fix Disk Image File is Corrupted Windows 10

The Windows 10 File Explorer natively supports ISO and IMG files. Supports Windows 10 ISO and IMG file recording and mounting.

Mounting ISO or IMG files is a simple job. Mount the selected ISO/IMG file by right-clicking on the ISO or IMG file and then clicking on the Mount option. But sometimes, you get an error message when trying to mount an ISO or IMG file ” Unable to mount the file. Disk image file is corrupt “.

In addition to obvious corrupt ISO or IMG files, there could be several reasons for the error. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix the error and mount an ISO or IMG file.

Download the ISO or IMG file again

Often the “Disk image file is corrupt” error message indicates corrupt or incomplete ISO/IMG file. If possible, download and mount the ISO or IMG file again.

Try mounting another ISO or IMG file

If you have another ISO or IMG file, mount it. If there is a problem with Windows, the same error occurs in File Explorer. If File Explorer successfully mounts the ISO or IMG file, it indicates that the ISO/IMG that you previously tried to open is corrupted.

Unmount an existing virtual drive

Depending on some users, file explorer throws an error when multiple ISO or IMG files are mounted in Windows 10 File Explorer. So it is recommended to unmount the ISO or IMG file before mounting the new file.

System file recovery

When Windows 10 File Explorer shows the same error for multiple ISO or IMG files. Recover system files. Corrupted system files can also cause the above error.

See us. How to recover system files Windows 10 step-by-step instructions.

ISO/IMG mount using a third party program

As a last resort, you can use a third-party ISO/IMG file mount application to mount the ISO or IMG file in question. There are several free image mount programs available. We recommend the free Virtual CloneDrive software.

Without the mount option, there is no mount option in the file context menu. Windows 10 guide.