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What is washi tape? It’s a type of Japanese paper tape that’s covered in colorful patterns, making it perfect for craft projects. It’s easy to remove from most surfaces without leaving marks or adhesive to keep things clean.

Arts and crafts benefits include helping kids improve fine motor, language, math, and critical thinking skills. Washi tape art is just one way to offer your kids those benefits. You can grab washi tape at Walmart and many other stores, so it’s easily accessible.

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Check out these washi tape craft ideas to keep your kids busy.

1. Decorative Home Decor

Update decorative items around the home with a little washi tape. Create borders around vases or pencil holders with patterned tape. Transform a plain photo frame by wrapping washi tape around it.

You can also make custom washi tape coasters. Grab plain coasters or small, plain white tiles. Have your kids create decorative designs on the coasters with the washi table.

2. School Supply Decorations

Make going to school a little more fun with custom colorful washi tape designs. Try decorating an Edofiber antimicrobial file folder with washi tape for a fun way to store papers while cutting down on the spread of germs.

Washi tape also works well to customize school supplies to make them easy to identify as your child’s items. Wrap the tape around pencils, scissors, glue sticks, and other school supplies.

3. Washi Tape Wall Designs

Since washi tape is removable, your kids can create custom washi tape wall art directly on the wall. Let them cut and press strips of washi tape onto the wall to create whatever designs they want. They can use the same technique to decorate doors, trim, desks, beds, and other items in their bedrooms.

4. Wearable Washi Tape Crafts

Show off your washi tape ideas with wearable crafts. One simple option is to apply washi tape to your child’s fingernails and toenails. It’s an easy and clean way to let your kids give themselves manicures and pedicures without spilled nail polish.

Make customizable washi tape bracelets by boiling large wooden craft sticks in water for 30 minutes to make them soft. Once they’re cool enough to touch, bend them into a rounded bangle bracelet shape and put them inside of a drinking glass to hold the rounded shape. Let the craft sticks air dry in the glass.

Now your kids can decorate the craft stick bracelets with washi tape. You can also use paint, markers, sequins, and other craft supplies.

5. Custom Phone Case and Chargers

Custom washi tape phone cases make your child’s phone easy to spot. Start with a plain phone case in any color. You can also give an old case your child no longer likes a makeover.

Let your child add different colors and patterns of washi tape to the case. They can simply cover the entire case in washi tape or create different patterns and shapes with the tape. They might angle pieces with different designs on them to create a chevron pattern or other layouts.

Match the phone charger to the case with more washi tape. Cover the box of the phone charger with the washi tape.

Try Washi Tape Crafts

Washi tape crafts keep kids entertained with the colorful designs and versatile uses. Since it comes off easily, washi tape is a safe craft supply that you can use on many surfaces.

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