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Did you know that there were over 200,000 dentists in 2019?

Proper oral health helps to avoid mouth diseases and aesthetic purposes. Visiting the local dentist for examination helps diagnose and treat mouth conditions. This is even more important now as people are recovering from the lockdowns.

During the start of 2020, some dental practices had to close down due to the pandemic. Because dental services are still essential, you’ll need to expand your practices for 2021. Check out the guide below to learn what you can do to improve your services and stay relevant for the coming year.

1. Advertise Your Dental Practices

What’s great is that there are many ways for you to advertise your services to extend your reach. You will want to get the word out about the dental practices to stay relevant and get new patients. This makes it important to consider the options in dental practice marketing advertisements.

The awareness of local ads is important to get the interest of people. You can do the promotions either by traditional means or online marketing techniques. Running an active social media profile also provides you leverage against your competition.

You may improve your reach by using local dental SEO. It offers more visibility through online searches. The higher your rank is, the more chances visitors will try your services.

2. Improve Infection Control Protocols

Infectious diseases can spread in many ways. That is why medical facilities need infection control. This is important now more than ever with the pandemic making a big impact on our lives.

Your goal as a dentist is to reduce cross-infection. A professional dentist needs to assess the risks of contamination.

Have your team work together to reduce the risks of infection in the office. Teach them how to ensure that patients feel safe while working on their cases. This will make your practice more appealing than the other ones in the area.

3. Choose Your Monetization Insurances

Corporations have pressured dental insurances to reduce their costs. This leads to most companies partnering with DSOs due to their cheaper services. Yet, PPO’s have increased beneficiaries of network dentists.

Choose the right insurance based on what your practice needs. Another way for expanding dental practice is to give your patients memberships, too. You can give your members privileges and services you can provide.

4. Provide Top-Notch Service

A dentist must show the quality of service they provide. Otherwise, everything you did above won’t matter in the long run. You need to show them what makes you unique from other practitioners.

Even if the dentist has many specialties, they need to be patient-centered. They must show efficiency and expertise during the practice. It’s a surefire way to impress patients and have them come back to your practices and even recommend you to their peers.

Expand Your Practice Today

How to expand dental practice? With the guide above, you’ll ensure your practice is relevant and your services will scale in time. Do your best to prepare for 2021 to ensure your practice’s longevity today!

We hope our guide helps you expand your dental practices. There are more things for you to do to make sure you increase your reach and keep your practice going. Check out more of our guides to learn all you can today!