5 ways to Use Facebook Ads to Reach Global Markets


There is no need to tell how Facebook has been a game-changer for various brands, as we all know today social media marketing plays a huge role in a brand’s success. But as popular as the platform is, it’s difficult to stand out among all the competitors and that’s why many brands use Facebook ads to stand out of all the noise and make themselves known. It doesn’t matter whether it is about reaching global markets, getting more leads, or getting more engagement,  Facebook ads help with almost everything. 

Since you’re here, you must’ve been looking for methods through which you can correctly use Facebook Ads to reach global markets. In this article, we give 5 simple ways through which you can expand your scale and have a wider reach on Facebook. So let’s check out those 5 ways without wasting any more time. 

Master the art of Correctly targeting your Audience. 

One of the most crucial steps if you ever want to increase engagement on Facebook and gain wider reach is to correctly target your audience since it’ll help you gain customers who’re genuinely interested in your products rather than people who just take one look at your products ad and then scroll past it. If you want to target your audience, there are plenty of methods available, for example;-

  • Demographic targeting: Targets your audience on the basis of their Gender, Age, and Location. 
  • Location targeting: As you can imagine, this one lets you target your audience on the basis of their location, but it can also pick between default targeting (people based there), people who recently visited that particular place, and People who’re traveling to that particular region. 
  • Interest targeting: This lets you target an audience based on their specific interest in anything related to your products. 
  • Behavior targeting: Unlike interest-based targeting, Behaviour targeting lets you target people based on their purchase history, anniversaries, et cetera. 

Now you can see, there are so many options through which you can target your audience on a deep level. But it’s completely on you how you use those to gain wider reach on Facebook. 

Structure your Facebook ad campaign to reach global markets. 

While moving beyond your region and extending your territories, It’s important to structure your Facebook ad campaign correctly. And just like any other marketing campaign, you should invest the same effort and resources that you would have invested in any other marketing campaign. 

Do the research and see which countries have similar cultural values, and see whether your product or service needs any changes according to their culture. Then group the similar culture countries as it will help you save time as you can use similar campaigns for countries who have similar cultural values and you won’t have to create separate campaigns for each country you are marketing in. Try to keep your audience broad and let Facebook Al do the targeting on the basis of interest. You can also target global markets by grouping your audience on the basis of their interest or lookalikes while keeping all locations open. 

Structuring your Facebook ad campaign in the right way will help you have a wider reach on Facebook by acting as a strong foundation for your global expansion. 

Translate Facebook ads for local markets. 

To increase engagement on Facebook on a global scale, you’ll have to target local markets of different countries, and to do that you’ll have to use local languages and have to list prices in their standard currency. For instance, if a US citizen checks your ad with its “English” description and “USD” pricing, they’ll understand it easily, but if that same ad is seen by a European or any other country’s citizen, there are chances that they might somehow understand the product description but once they see USD pricing, they’ll probably feel like the product isn’t for them or your brand doesn’t offer shipping services. 

So if you want to have a wider reach on Facebook know that it is of utmost importance to add the product description and prices on the basis of your targeted audience’s location.

You can translate your ads directly from the ads manager or you can add your own custom translations by clicking on the “Add Languages” in the Languages section. After picking your desired language, you’ll see a feed file where you can review your posts in your chosen languages. And for prices, you can upload a feed file containing local pricing and currency. 

If you have a low budget or can’t find a translator, you can opt for Facebook’s Native translation features, you can easily run your Ads globally without having to worry about messing it up. Ah! And make sure you hire a freelance translator so that you can respond to comments and DMs. 

Use Facebook/ Google Analytics to know more about your audience. 

By now you must’ve realized that this article isn’t in a particular order and that is because one can’t precisely put these points in the order. Anyways, in the first point, we talked about targeting your audience, but here you’ll learn about what tools you should use to learn more about your audience.

If you’ve been running your Facebook page for a while, then you must already know about Facebook Analytics since it tells you a lot about how your post is performing, which region/. Age groups, you’re receiving the most likes/ views/ shares/ comments from. 

If your page is fairly new, then you won’t get much data about your audience, so you can try using Google Analytics to understand what type of traffic your page is attracting; It’ll show you a breakdown of various things like geographical location, interests, Demographics, and others, while affinity categories and in-market segments will tell you how fixed the data can get. 

You can use that valuable information to create Google ads and it can be also carried over to Facebook Ads. 

Analyze Ad relevance diagnostics to improve your reach. 

This step is where you just need to optimize your ad campaign, after planning, targeting, analyzing, structuring, and launching all you have to do is sit back and correct your mistakes. Of course, it might take a few trials to get your ad campaign all right, hence once should keep on checking their relevance score. Facebook offers three ad relevance diagnostics, namely quality ranking, engagement rate ranking, and Conversion rate ranking. 

Through these three ad relevance diagnostics, you can see whether the ads are being shown to the relevant audience, and if you want to optimize their performance you can refine your targeting or improve the quality of your facebook campaign

Author’s note

And we’ve reached the end, but do note that these aren’t the only ways through which can help you reach global markets, but for now these major 5 steps will be more than enough to help you get started. 

If you have any queries Or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment.