Best Practices for Writing Social Media Content Your Audience Will Love


Social media is a great play to advertise your brand whether you are selling online or you are making brand awareness.

Social media has nearly 3.6 billion users and amongst that, you get the great opportunity for increasing your business.

According to the leading Branding Agencies, social media content can become your biggest asset when it comes to branding a business. This is significantly important for newer businesses that are looking to spread word about their brand and build awareness.

However, just appearing on social media won’t be increasing your business instead you need to perform strategically.

Social media is a big market for the brands where you might have multiple competitors but to lead the race, you should consider some important tips.

In this article, we will discuss more the importance of the content and some good practices for social media marketing.

Importance of content on social media

Social media is more about the posts that are published regularly by individuals and organizations. On the daily basis, there are millions of posts that are published on social media.

The social media posts that a brand publishing is actually showing the image of the brand and if it is not effective then it wouldn’t be giving a good impact on the audience.

If you are posting inefficient posts on any of the digital platforms then it wouldn’t be giving you the success that you are expecting.

If your content is of low-quality then your brand would look low-quality standard.

To make your brand looks high standard, you should always post the standard content which looks better as well as which is engaging to the audience that is viewing the post.

Except for the viewers, you should know that the bots of the social media platform rank the page or the account based on the optimization of the content that you are writing.

For example, if your content is relevant to the query of the user that is searching for something and your content is according to the standard then your page would appear along with the content.

Content is considered as the food to social media and this is the reason why every brand should post the content consistently.

Below, we have mentioned some of the best tricks for writing high-quality words for social media that would boost your brand page to a new audience.

·        Consistent posting

Firstly, the most important thing about social media is that you should have a consistent posting on your social media account.

This is usually because when you post consistently, the social media platform assumes you to be active as well as best for the audience.

Remember, the continuous posting daily on social media doesn’t mean that you should start posting irrelevant or ineffective content.

Consistent posting can be done by adding different things. If you think you have a limited idea about the content, then here are some of the ideas for posting on social media platforms:

  • Business History: Whether you are new or old in the market, you can introduce the history to your audience that is new to your page. You can mention how did you start the business and some other inspiration story about your brand. This would help the customers to engage with you as well as make more trust in your brand.
  • Comparison: Between a few of your products, you can compare the products and post them on your page in the form of a blog post or a video. This can include the features and specifications of multiple products so that the user can decide the product amongst the compared products.
  • Review: In the digital market, one of the most important things about the brand and trust is the reviews that the customers give after using the services of the company. If you are providing high-quality services to the audience and you are receiving better reviews for it, you should mention it on your social media platform for making the trust of the customers.
  • Achievements: Whether you are celebrating the anniversary of your brand or you are introducing a new product, make sure you are posting it on the page and getting some good attention from them.

·        Write engaging content

On social media platforms, people are following you to get the latest updates about your brand as well as about what you are offering to the audience.

In this sense, you should always write engaging content to make the audience familiar to you.

Engaging content is considered as the best way to change the visitor into the customer which means instead of just viewing your post, your audience would be purchasing your services.

Best Practices for Writing Social Media Content Your Audience Will Love

Here are the tips for writing engaging content for your social media platform as well as your audience:

  • Know your Audience: The first thing to write engaging content is to know your audience and write according to it. You should know what they are looking for and how they can relate them with the post you publish. This is possible through analyzing your audience and the top posts of your page.
  • Add visuals to your post: Visualization is a great way to engage your audience. Adding the visual in your post increase the attraction of the audience. For example, when the user is scrolling the news feed, they usually stop scrolling on the visualize not on the content.
  • Use talking language: Talking language means to use conversational language in your social media posts. This is usually because every digital platform loves to hear from you’re in an easily understandable language. You should write the content that is readable to the seventh-grade student.
  • Feature Call-to-Action: Most of the social media platforms offer the feature of CTA (Call-to-action) button to your page which helps the customers to use the easy navigation. Moreover, this would help you to navigate your customers to your desire. For example, setting the web link to the CTA button would help the user to direct you to your website.


·        Write the Unique content

Remember, copying someone’s content and using it for your social media account is harmful to your brand. This is because none of the platforms allows using duplicate content.

Writing someone’s content is a disrespect to the original author and publisher. You can never rank for the top when using someone else data in your posts.

If you are caught in the issue of plagiarism, then you might disable your page because of the violation of the social media website.

To avoid this, consider writing plagiarism-free content which is effective and new to the audience. The best practice for this is to use online tools to verify the originality.

There are multiple plagiarism checkers for unlimited words that can help you out to check the content without any word limit.

Remember, the customers are coming to your social page to read the new information, not the one that is already published as well as they have read it before.

·        Consider the quality of the content:

The quality is very important where it should always be considering to be high. The high-quality content has multiple checks which are written below:

  • You should only write the content that is informative and straight to your concept. If you add some extra information in your post then it would ruin the attention of the customers.
  • Consider writing content that is limited and readable. Remember, users of social media don’t spend much time on each of the posts and if your post is of thousands of words then no one would read the whole. Instead, the majority of the users would declare it irrelevant or boring and skip the content.
  • The content you are writing must include the listing, headings, and some valuable links. This would increase the authenticity of your content and help to get more engagement from the customers.
  • According to analysts, 86% of the engagements to your posts come when you are writing less than 100 characters.
  • You should avoid any keyword stuffing (repeating again and again) whereas always write the content which is informative and important. Don’t repeat the concepts again and again.


·        Check your mistakes in your content

What if the reader is reading your post and found some mistakes including grammatical and spelling in your content?

The mistakes in the post content are not only bad for your users but also for the platform on which you are posting.

If there are mistakes in your writing, then it would be a bad impact on your brand page.

The best way to check the mistakes is to use online tools. Here are some of the tools for making your content free of mistakes:


This is an online tool that is famous around the community of writers and digital marketers. This comes with the extension for the chrome, for Microsoft Word, Emails, Smartphone App, online use, as well as it checks the content on every writing tool.

Best Practices for Writing Social Media Content Your Audience Will Love

This is a free tool which accessible easily while the premium features can help to develop professional content for social media.

Atomic Reach:

Atomic Reach is another artificial intelligence-based tool that can help to make the structure of the content better.

Not only this, this tool can let you solve most of the grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes that would boost your content structure.

Best Practices for Writing Social Media Content Your Audience Will Love

The Atomic Reach is free to use while it provides the option of writing different kinds of content including emails, blog posts, or any other type of content.

·        Consider modifying the content using online text editors

Twitter doesn’t allow you to post content that is above 280 characters and you need to make your content accordingly.

Now, if you are have already written the post content then you need to modify the content according to the limits.

Remember, deleting the extra words won’t be effective as most of the concept might get removed when you directly removed the characters.

To avoid this type of issue, you should always consider the optimization of your writing under the word limit. For example, you can remove the extra sentences or shorten it.

For this, you can edit any type of social media content with the help of a Plain text editor where it provides the same features as Microsoft word provides.

Adding the images, headings, links, or any other modification is all that this tool provides. Most of the efficient editors also provide the option of checking and clearing the grammatical mistakes.

Best Practices for Writing Social Media Content Your Audience Will Love

You can edit online and then copy the content or download it to upload on social media.

·        Add relevant visuals to the post

Without visualization, you cannot attract the users nor you can get engagement from the customers that are viewing your social media post.

Remember, you should always use relevant and high-quality images to make some engagement and impact on the users.

Visualization is a great way to help users understand your purpose. For example, if you are explaining a feature of your company’s product then you should consider adding a picture or video of that product.

There are different types of visualization you can add to attract the audience of your social media page. Like interviews of the customers, new products, reviews, or any collaboration material.

·        Use hashtags to appear more

Hashtags are a great source for having popularity amongst different communities. Remember, the hashtags are usually used for trends daily.

If you are selling something online or you are running a blog, then hashtags can help you to get a new audience.

Best Practices for Writing Social Media Content Your Audience Will Love

For example, if you are selling clothes and then join the hashtag campaign for global sales like Black Friday (#black_Friday) to increase your sales and get some new customers.

The hashtags are a great source of creating brand awareness. Here is the image about how Twitter is amazing with the trending hashtags:


Social media has great opportunities for your brand but for utilizing it, you need to configure the best options for you.

If you don’t have a better content strategy, then you can never get on the top. Remember, popular brands usually have a special content production team that helps the digital marketing team to perform well.

If you are posting optimized content on your profile then you would never get hindrance from the new audience instead more people will join your page and business, as well.