How to choose jeans that fit your body type?


Jeans are one of the basic items of clothing present in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. It can be styled from suits to fancy jewelry, high heels, and silk jackets, or worn as you would wear on the street in casual wear. The secret to finding the perfect jeans is to check your body type. Because it is widely known that a pair is not suitable for all of us. Here are some tips to help you choose the right jeans for your body type. You will be satisfied with the results of your next shopping.

How to choose jeans that fit your body type?

Bigger back side

Buy jeans with a low waist without pockets, or if you can’t find jeans without pockets, buy jeans with the smallest pockets. Choose a hip without front pockets to hide your big hips. It will visually narrow your numbers. Dark shades will add magic to your body shape, so it is better not to choose bleached jeans.

Flat back

Bleached low-waisted jeans are made on the front and back. You need to use a rather narrow model. Choose one that has a lot of pockets to fill in the missing gaps. Regular skinny is best worn with patchwork jeans, made from different jeans parts, or combined with other materials. Or, if you don’t like that style, opt for wider classic cut jeans.

Thick thigh

If you’re a woman with strong legs, it’s best to use straight-cut jeans with a slightly wider end. The color should be dark. Avoid tight models-I don’t exactly prefer models. Wearing heels with these perfect jeans will make your thighs look longer and thinner.


Short legs

Avoid models that touch the waist line and models with flair. Practice shows that it is best to combine the color of jeans and a T-shirt or clothes of your choice. This trick visually makes your legs longer and more elegant. If you wear jeans with high heels, choose jeans that take about an inch or so.

Jeans should be long enough to touch the floor when trying. Make sure there is no free space on the back. Your hips may “beep” when bent.

Don’t believe it when the sales representative says the belt will fix everything. Ideal jeans are great for sitting, standing, dancing or doing what you normally do.

Keep it simple-the fewer zippers, pockets and applications, the better. Decorated pockets can be handled only by flat bottom girls. However, if you were gifted in that area, you don’t need to emphasize further because you’ll accidentally add a few pounds visually and of course.

When buying jeans, you need to tag your friends. An honest opinion is more important than looking in the mirror. Don’t be discouraged. Statistics show that women try 9 different models before finding a suitable one. Experiment with styles you don’t see yourself and with different styles and sizes. In the end you can find the right jeans.