Did you know that even a small kitchen remodel can offer a great ROI? Research has found that for every $100 you spend on kitchen upgrades, you’ll raise your home’s value by $83 on average.

Because your sink is easily one of the most used tools in your kitchen, it’s no surprise that many homeowners start there when considering a renovation! The right sink replacement can be a much-needed breath of fresh air in a tired kitchen—as long as you choose the right option.

But with so many sink styles on the market, how can you choose the best one? Here’s what you need to know about how to choose a kitchen sink for your next home remodel.

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1. Stainless Steel Sink

These 24 in undermount sinks are traditional for a reason: they’re easy to clean, simple to install, and easy to find in stores. What’s more, they’re bright in color, and their reflective steel material adds timeless beauty to kitchens of any style.

You’ll want to get a 300 series makeup for optimal stain and corrosion resistance, but you’ll need to gauge the metal type when choosing. Higher gauges are often less expensive, but they’re prone to denting and noisy vibrations. Finding an option with rubbery pads or undercoatings can help relieve these issues.

2. Undermount Sink

As the name suggests, this type of sink is mounted underneath your countertop. The result is a seamless, modern finish without the raised edges that border many traditional kitchen sink styles. It’s great when paired with contemporary or modern kitchen designs, especially if you opt for sleek sink fixtures as well.

Because these sinks come without raised rims, they can be easier to work with: food waste can be swept directly into the sink itself. However, your choice of kitchen sink materials may be limited with undermount sinks, as heavier materials can’t be safely glued to the bottom of your counters.

3. Farmhouse Sink

Also known as an apron sink, farmhouse-style sinks have grown in popularity in recent years in line with the growing farmhouse trend in home design. These types of kitchen sinks extend over the side of your counter by an inch or two, and they have a smooth, modern look to them.

This style is especially common in fireclay sinks, meaning sinks that are molded at high temperatures rather than carved from stone. These options are both durable and nonporous, making them easy to clean.

Farmhouse sinks come in either single or double bowl versions. With either variety, the bowl is deep and wide, making this option perfect for larger households that run through a lot of dishes.

4. Granite Composite Sink

These types of sinks are created by using a resin to glue crushed granite pieces together. The resulting material is durable, stain-resistant, and beautiful—especially when you find the perfect option to complement your existing countertops.

These sinks are dense enough to absorb some sounds, making them quieter than many options on this list. However, they’re also one of the heaviest options you’ll have to choose from, so you’ll have to make plans to add extra support during your kitchen renovation.

5. Bar Sink

Though most people only consider bar sinks as an added fixture in an entertainment room, these sinks can be some of the best sink styles for kitchens with islands as well. Many homeowners like having the flexibility of a second, smaller sink in their kitchen. In addition, they can be useful for smaller kitchens with limited counter space.

Bar sinks allow you to tackle simple prep work, especially while entertaining, and they come in a limited range of smaller sizes. You’ll be able to choose between one or two bowls as well.

6. Corner Sink

If you’re renovating a smaller kitchen, a corner sink can be the best bet for saving space without reducing functionality. As the name suggests, these sinks are designed to fit effortlessly into a corner. Some are designed as a single bowl that sits at a 45-degree angle to the rest of the counter, while others come in an L-shape design with a faucet sandwiched by a bowl on either side.

This can be great to turn an unused area of your kitchen into a practical tool, though you’ll need to figure the cost of custom countertop cuts into your budget.

7. Cast Iron Sink

Heavier and more durable than other sink styles, cast iron sinks are beloved for their sturdiness and their gorgeous white enamel finish. A great addition to a farmhouse or vintage kitchen design, these sinks can last decades if well cared for.

However, you’ll need to be careful with how you place things into the sink: rough handling can crack or chip the sink’s coating, exposing the cast iron beneath to moisture and degradation over time. You’ll also be more limited in the types of cleaning agents and tools you can use on the surface.

Consider the Best Sink Styles for Your Project

With a wealth of sink styles available on the market today, it can be tough to know which one to choose. However, the seven popular options above are a great place to get started! Consider how these styles fit into your renovation plans, and don’t be afraid to work with a home design expert to find the perfect option for your lifestyle and kitchen!

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