4 Brilliant Baby Shower Brunch Ideas


Did you know that around 385,000 babies are born every day?

While not all of this moms-to-be will want a baby shower, a lot of them will! Having a child is an amazing experience and lots of mommys want to celebrate that with their friends and family.

If you’ve got the task of planning the baby shower, why not go for a brunch? Sophisticated and modern, yet laid-back and comfortable, it’s the ideal party for your mom-to-be.

Find out how to plan your own baby shower brunch with our guide.

Baby Shower Brunch Invitations

Baby Shower Brunch Invitations

First things first, get your invitations sent as early as possible! Handmade invites are often the most budget-friendly and cute, and you can create a totally unique design that you know your mom-to-be will love. If you’re not the most crafty person, check out places like Etsy where you can buy beautiful, personalized invites for reasonable prices.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

You don’t have to throw an obviously themed baby shower, but it can be nice to have an idea in your head to tie the event together. It could be as simple as a color, like glittery gold, or more style-oriented, like a vintage theme. To get more inspiration, check out Pinterest boards for super creative ideas!

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Even if you’re not opting for a theme, you still need to get some decorations for your baby shower brunch! If you’re hosting yours outside of a home, like at a restaurant, talk to the owners to make sure they’ll let you decorate your area first. Once you’ve got the go-ahead, here are some decor must-haves:

  • Flowers for pregnancy brunch Flowers for pregnancy brunch
  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • Table cloths
  • Decorative plates and serving items

Other, more unique decoration ideas include a cute calendar of the due date month with a heart over the expected arrival date, flower wreaths on the wall, and teddy bears for a cute touch!

Baby Shower Food Idea

Sorting your baby shower brunch food is essential! As your shower is in the morning and with multiple guests, opt for light, buffet-style food that’s easy to pick at. Small sandwiches are also a winner, along with cupcakes and, of course, a large decorated cake as the centerpiece. Whilst cupcakes are all cute and yummy, we mustn’t forget about our baby’s nutrition – make sure you are providing him or her with only the very best, organic certified and golden standard nutrients, such as HiPP HA STAGE 2.

Here are some more yummy foods you could have at your shower:

  • Chocolate coated strawberries
  • Truffles
  • Mini pastries
  • Macaroons
  • Yogurt parfait in glass ramakins
  • Mini avocado on toast
  • Waffles and pancakes

Remember to consider what your mom-to-be likes when planning the food. After all, their opinion is the one that matters the most on the day!

Plan a Beautiful Baby Shower Brunch

Your baby shower brunch should suit your mom-to-be, whether that’s elegant and sophisticated, or laid-back and fun! These tips should be a great starting point for your planning, but if you’re still struggling there’s nothing wrong with bringing in some extra hands to help.

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