It’s common for people to get confused while planning for the smallest yet the most important area of their house – the kitchen.

Splashback tiles play an important role in the overall look of your kitchen. To choose the best, you not only have to plan according to the available area but also have to make sure that it goes well with your kitchen interiors

With so many options available, it becomes easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry, I have prepared the perfect guide for you to select the best kitchen splashback tiles. So, let’s get started!

  1. Consider the overall kitchen style to choose the perfect splashback tiles

While choosing the perfect kitchen splashback tiles, you have to consider the entire style of your kitchen. You can start with planning the theme like – tranquil kitchen, contemporary minimalist, modern farmhouse kitchen, traditional minimalist, etc.

Once the theme is decided, choose the tiles in a manner that they match with the overall color scheme of the kitchen including its materials like the cabinets and the benchtop.

  1. Focus on the right shapes and sizes

Shapes and Sizes have the ability to make or break the aesthetic of your kitchen. Splashing your walls with a lot of bright colors may not be your choice, but you may still feel the need to add a little contrast to give the walls an edgy look.

Don’t worry, you can simply play along with some interesting tile shapes to achieve a unique look.

Coming to the size of the splashback tiles, you have to carefully decide it’s size. If your kitchen covers a large space, you can use large tiles. But if it’s a small kitchen with limited space and you want it to look bigger, use small-sized tiles.

  1. Choose the best options available while keeping the budget in mind

Most of us design our dream kitchen area with the best options available online and offline. But when it comes to implementing those ideas, we often fall out of budget and end up compromising our choices.

The best way to avoid this situation is by deciding the budget beforehand. Once you are done deciding the budget, you can find the best options available in your preferred price range.

You can give your kitchen a trendy and stylish look even with limited and cheap accessories. So, when it’s time to buy splashback tiles, you will be able to spend some extra bucks here and give your kitchen the much-required charm.

  1. Invest in pieces that go with each-other

I know that as you are creating your dream home, you may want to buy everything that you have always desired. But try to control your excitement and instead, make a plan.

Even if you choose the best splashback tiles and try to mix them with each other, it may come out as a failure. The idea is to create your personal fusion style with the things that really complement each other.

  1. Look for inspiration from multiple sources

One of the best ways to decide what’s going to look the best in your home is by looking outside for inspiration. Make sure you know a lot of structures, patterns, materials, styles before you make a final decision.

I can’t express how disappointing it is when you get things done only to know that there were more interesting and affordable options available in the market. I don’t want you to feel that way. So, it’s best to look for inspiration in project galleries of interior designers and professional tiles showrooms as offered by Bayset.

You can also take inspiration from your favorite restaurants, hotels and recreate their styles along with your own personal touch.

Over to you…

I advise you to focus on what you truly love and relate to rather than choosing something that’s in the trend. I hope you are going to select the best kitchen splashback tiles using the tips mentioned in the article.  Don’t forget to let us know how this guide helped you in your purchase, in the comment section below. I will be waiting to hear from you.