Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

For most people, last summer didn’t really feel like a summer at all. Because of that, many people are excited to take this coming summer and really make it the best one yet.

If you’re ready to get back in the world and see people again, you might be excited to spend a little less time at home. But if you’re still wanting to stick close to your own stomping grounds, you might want to consider a few home updates to make this summer one for the books.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three projects to do on your home to make this summer more enjoyable than the last. 

Make It Easy To Get A Fresh Breeze

One of the best things about summer is the weather. However, if you’re also wanting to avoid things like bugs or sunburns, you might find it hard to balance being outside in nature with protecting your body.

To help you find this balance, you may want to find some ways to bring the outdoors closer to the indoors. If you don’t already have any plants inside your home, you may want to pick a few that you love and place them around your rooms. Also, to let more of the light from outside come in, you should give your windows a good cleaning and consider installing screen doors on your exterior doors so you can let the fresh summer breeze through each day. 

Create Some Outdoor Fun

When you do want to spend some time outside at your house, you may want to find a way to create a little bit more fun for yourself and your loved ones.

To do this, Lee Wallender, a contributor to The Spruce, suggests brushing off your DIY hat and building a porch swing. Not only will this be a great project to work on with your family over the summer, but once it gets made and put in place, you and your loved ones can have hours of enjoyment gently rocking through your long, lazy summer days together. 

Make Snacking Simple

If you will have kids at home during the summer, you’ll probably be asked for a snack at least 30 times a day. So to keep this from becoming a problem at your house, you might want to take a look at your pantry and reorganize so that your kids can do more helping themselves.

To achieve this, try keeping everything in a clear container so that it can be easily seen. Also, if you have healthier snacks that you want your kids to eat, make sure those are on the shelves that are easiest to reach. Save the higher shelves for the snacks that you want to keep for yourself on those indulgent summer nights. 

If you’re ready to have an amazing summer this year, consider using the tips mentioned above to get your home ready for the season you’ve been waiting for.