Gardening time is coming and I couldn’t be more excited! I love working in the garden and I love the outdoors. This is what led to the latest collection of DIY ideas and projects. I’ve found 17 of the most amazing DIY garden border ideas you can do yourself. From trees and bricks to patio pavers and even colorful rock formations, you can create your own beautiful garden borders and actually add style and beauty to your outdoor living space.

I especially like great DIY projects outdoors. When warmer weather comes, you spend more time than inside, so you want your lawn and garden to look nice and comfortable. Having a pretty garden border can help you out in the outdoors and increase your property value. If you decide to sell or refinance your home, decorating your garden in its best shape will only help increase the value of your property. And if you’re planning on decorating your outdoor living area, take a look at 30 snow-splash fences that can instantly spice up your backyard.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great garden border. You can build yourself from so many different things, and some of these ideas can be done with upcycled or reused materials, so I won’t write anything about it. Whether you have a pile of bricks in need of a new project or looking for a pile of really inexpensive pallets, you can create your own beautiful garden border no matter the size of your garden. Plus, 30 quirky DIY garden decorations can add more style and beauty.

1.DIY brick border

Brick gives your garden and landscaping a neat and classic look, and you can install your own brick edging very simply. If you have piles of old bricks around your home, this DIY project is free. You need to choose where to install the brick borders, then do the weekend install over the weekend. This is a great idea if your home is brick or if you want to add a classic charm to your outdoor living space.


2. Easy DIY Concrete Block Garden Edging

Concrete blocks are relatively inexpensive and create a really beautiful garden border. You can get each block for less than a dollar in several places. Check out local yard sales and flea markets to find them cheaper. Then you can use them to create really nice garden borders for flower beds and other landscaping. With the hole facing up, it can be used as a mini flower pot.

3. Mixed material garden edging

You don’t have to use one garden border material. You can mix them up to create a really unique look. Create a truly unique garden by adding cinder blocks or bricks and scrap metal, or use wood and brick or any combination of your choice. This is a great way to create a new garden border and clean all the material around your home. Recycle as a garden border!

4. Wood Log Garden Edging DIY

If you want something unpretentious, really cheap and simple, this DIY wooden log garden border is perfect. You will need a few logs depending on the amount of your garden edging, but if you have old trees and a few chainsaws, it’s free. Then simply lay out the design and use logs to fill it. This is a great border project if you want to see a great farmhouse or log cabin in your outdoor living space.

5. Gorgeous DIY cobblestone border

I love cobblestone. It has a classic and colorful look and can be used to add style to your garden style. You can create the shape of an overhanging bed with a few pieces of cobblestone, or you can make them all in one layer as you like. The raised bed shape is great for showing off your favorite flowers and plants or adding focus to your front yard. You can make a lot of beautiful DIY projects with garden stone.

6. Easy DIY Rock Garden Border

If you have a few old rocks in your yard, you can use them as a demarcation line for your garden. This not only gives you a beautiful bird garden border, but you can use those rocks to get out of your yard. If you don’t have rocks, check with your friends or family. Maybe someone has a lot of rock in their yard and wants to get rid of it.

7. Lincoln Log Style Garden Border

There is another way you can use logs to create a rustic garden space. Stack logs in Lincoln Log style. This is very simple and is suitable if you have two old trees that need to be cut off the road or if your yard is cluttered with old logs. You can do this with logs of any size, and the longer the garden area will be larger.

8. DIY concrete garden edging

green and brown leaf plant

I love good DIY concrete projects and this garden border shows just how much multipurpose concrete can be. If you don’t have bricks or other edging materials at hand, but if you want something easy and inexpensive, then concrete is a great way to go, and there are a few ways to do it. You can make molds that form concrete, or you can dig a trench and pour it into the ground.

9. DIY Upcycled Pallet Garden Border

Pallet Garden Edge | Diy garden bed, Garden edging, Pallets garden

If you want something really simple and inexpensive to create a garden border, take out an old pallet and ride a bike. Wooden garden borders have a great rustic farmhouse look, and bottom-up pallets are the perfect way to take in cheap trees and create a garden border. This is the perfect project for a stack of pallets in your backyard. Here are some great DIY pallet projects worth trying.

10. Easy DIY toothed border

Edgings & Kerbs - Sawtooth Edging | Pavingexpert

Whether you like bricks or trees, you can create a nice serrated edging for your garden, and depending on the size of your garden, you can finish it within the weekend. If you lay the edge material long and slightly sideways, you will have a new garden border that is much less complex and colorful than it sounds.

11. Pressure treatment landscape garden edging

Pressure Treated Wood Garden Borders Mycoffeepot Org | Wooden garden borders, Timber garden edging, Garden in the woods

I love using pressure treated landscaping timber for the edging of my garden. This is one of the easiest ways to plant a garden and gives it a rustic feel. Simply pick up a few of the pressurized timbers and place them around your garden for just a fraction of the cost of new timber from online yard sales.

12. Recycled Wine Bottle Garden Border

Pin by Chrissy Bowers on For my Home | Wine bottle garden, Bottle garden, Diy raised garden

My mother used to have a garden with this amazing bottle of wine, it was creative and colorful. I love this idea! You turn on those old empty wine bottles and plant plants around your garden. Depending on the size of your garden you will need a few bottles, so start saving now. Alternatively, check with friends and family, or see if you can find empty stores at yard sales and thrift stores.

13. Small Stone Garden Border

30 Brilliant Garden Edging Ideas You Can Do At Home - Garden Lovers Club

Pebbles and stones are a great way to create your own garden border. You can get it for free if you buy small stones from a gardening or home improvement store, or if you live near a river. You can also buy a lot of gravel and use it if you prefer or check the county highway department. If you take the truck, you will be provided with gravel free by the truck.

14. Multipurpose Scrap Wood Garden Border

Eleven interesting garden bed edging ideas | Wooden garden edging, Wood garden edging, Timber garden edging

Do you know a little piece of wood you lay on in another DIY project? You can use these little pieces of wood to create a rustic garden border. Or, if you don’t have scrap wood, check out your local pallet mill. You can get a full truckload of pallet scraps for around $20 or so, and if you want that outdoor farmhouse look they make the perfect garden edging. Here are some cool woodworking hacks that will help you build so many beautiful things for your home and yard.

15. Terra Cotta Landscape Border

Terra Cotta Solar Lighted Brick Look Garden Border Flowerbed Border Landscape Edging Yard: Amazon.ae

Lowe’s and Home Depot sell some of the most gorgeous terracotta tiles you can use to decorate your garden. These come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for creating a unique garden. Tiles are not very expensive and are very easy to install. If you want something creative that gives you a beautiful and new look outdoors, terracotta tiles are a good choice.

16. DIY Terra Cotta Pipe Edging

Creative Garden Bed Edging Ideas Projects Instructions in 2020 | Diy garden bed, Raised garden beds diy, Diy garden

Terra Cotta pipes give you a beautiful garden border and can be used to make small mini pots. You can use this design concept to create beautiful borders for your pipe’s garden and plant succulents. If you do not want to spend money on pipes, you can also use a terra cotta planter in this shape. Buy a lot of inexpensive planters, attach a little to the ground, and then plant small flowers or plants or succulents to create a garden border-a mini garden.

17. Patio Paver Garden Border

15 Spectacular Yard Landscaping Ideas and Flower Beds with Paver Borders

You can use patio pavers to create a garden edging or double garden edging around or around the garden. This paver can be used straight from the garden to the edge and can be placed on the ground around the garden to create a colorful walkway around the garden. Patio pavers aren’t cheap, but they’re not the most expensive landscaping materials, and if you check out your online yard sales and thrift stores, they’re slightly cheaper than the new ones.