3 Things To Consider Before Revamping Your Home’s Landscaping

With summer coming along in many areas of the world, you might be looking at your current landscaping and wishing for a change. However, before you start busting out the backhoe and tearing up your flower beds, there are a few things you’re going to want to think about with regards to safety and lifestyle.

To help you in getting these things all taken care of, here are three things to consider before revamping your home’s landscaping. 

Research The Rules First

Before you get too far into the planning phase of your new landscaping, you’re going to first need to research the rules of your area. 

For people who live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, there are likely rules and regulations about what you can and can’t go regarding your landscaping. And while these rules are generally set to help increase the property values of everyone’s homes, they can sometimes place restrictions on things that you might really like to do with your landscaping. Even if you don’t live in a home with an HOA, Laura Fisher Kaiser, a contributor to HGTV, shares that you may still need to check on things like zoning and permits for some of the adjustments you’re wanting to make. So be sure you learn all the rules before you get your heart set on a whole new look for your landscaping. 

Drainage And Your Home’s Foundation

The drainage of your property will play a big role in the type of landscaping you’re going to want to have, especially as you get closer to your home.

If you don’t have proper drainage around your home, you could wind up with standing water around your foundation. And when this happens, you could wind up with some major foundation issues that need to be repaired. So before you add more problems onto your plate, make sure you think about how the water will flow around your property after you’ve made your proposed changes. 

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Your Ideal Level Of Maintenance

Another thing you’ll want to consider before making big changes to your landscaping is how those changes are going to impact that amount of maintenance you’ll have to do on a regular basis. 

For those that love being outside and working on their yard, creating a landscape design that requires a lot of care and attention might be a dream come true. But if you actually want something that you won’t have to worry about every weekend, it’s best to go with landscaping ideas that are native to your area, take advantage of annual plantings, or use a lot of hardscaping. 

If you’re ready to do something different with your home’s landscaping, be sure you think about the considerations mentioned above before you start making changes.