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Any parent with an ADHD child knows the condition does not define them. ADHD might make things a little more challenging, but with the right routines and best ADHD medication for child with anxiety, there is no reason a little one cannot experience a happy and healthy childhood.

Many parents find the school year to be a little easier for their children because of the ingrained structure. Summer does not have the same built-in structure, which can make life a little more challenging for children with ADHD. Still, there is no reason your child cannot experience a fun and productive summer vacation. There are at least five ways to help your little one build confidence and have fun.

1. Give Them a Say in Their Day

While you can find natural anxiety relief for kids, ADHD might require stronger remedies than OTC options. Still, most children with ADHD struggle with authority and strict guidelines. Therefore, to help your child develop their confidence and voice, consider allowing them to have a say in their day. You do not have to give them complete control, but it can help to give them options. By providing choices, your child feels like they have some control over how they spend their day, which can boost their confidence and help them stay focused on specific activities.

2. Plan Special Projects

In between your research of ADHD medication reviews, take some time to plan a special project for your child. Projects can provide a sense of accomplishment for little ones. When a child has ADHD, it is often best to focus projects on their interests and inherent skills because it makes it easier for them to focus on the task at hand. You can also offer rewards as incentives for completion and celebration.

3. Stick With Schedules

Schedules are incredibly important to ADHD children. The routines create predictability to their day that can help to ease anxiety or nervous energy. While the summer does interrupt your child’s schedule a little bit, there is no reason it needs to change drastically. For example, your little one can still get up and go to bed at the same time. They can still have regular breakfast and lunch times. Additionally, you can even keep the same play schedule. By maintaining schedules, you can help control ADHD symptoms.

4. Have Family Time

Children with ADHD can feel like outsiders, even in their own families. An excellent way to show support and love is to provide family time. Spend as much time as possible with your child, showing interest in their hobbies and activities. You can even spend time with your child while cooking dinner or doing other typical daily activities. You just want to make sure they know they are loved and supported.

5. Don’t Forget Downtime

Finally, do not forget downtime. Even children with ADHD need time to rest and collect their thoughts. During times of rest, it might be best to allow them to read, draw, or watch something. You want them to have something that can occupy their attention.

Are you struggling to develop a summer plan for your child with ADHD? If so, talk to their therapist or pediatrician for advice.