How to Keep Customer Satisfied and Happy


“Your most dissatisfied customers are your greatest source of learning,” a famous quote from Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft.
The customer is the one who makes your business viable and profitable, so keeping them and keeping them happy is all the more important.

Your customers will teach you a lot about them, their needs and expectations. Let yourself be guided by their words in your point of sale and on all media. You will thus accumulate customer knowledge that is very beneficial to your expertise.
The founder of HubSpot says ” When you’re trying to make a big decision, and you’re divided, ask yourself: if the customer was there, what would they say? ”

You will have to put the customer at the center of all your questions, your study and your analyzes. Customer satisfaction should be at the center of your concerns.

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Here are three things you should consider to make your customers happy

1- The personalization of the customer experience : We will never stop repeating it, the personalization of the customer experience is at the same time an expectation on the part of consumers but also a great opportunity for brands. In fact, 69% of Internet users want a personalized experience. And this experience obviously goes through quality customer service. The use of suitable tools greatly facilitates the possibility of personalization of the experience. CRMs or click-to-chat are formidable tools for knowing your customers and offering them a customer experience and personalized follow-up.

2- The satisfaction of your sellers : A happy seller makes happy customers. Because the better he feels, the better he will defend your product and be productive in the field. When you contact customer service, you directly see the difference between an advisor who is involved and motivated and an advisor who is not committed to solving the problem. A customer who is satisfied with his salary and his environment will be more welcoming, more friendly and courteous to customers. Ensure the well-being of your employees, it is essential for your turnover.

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3- Fight for your customers: Dissatisfied customers, your advisers will see a large number of them. The main reason for dissatisfaction is generally linked to the gap between the consumer’s expectations and the perception of his experience with the company or the product. It is therefore essential to understand the precise reason for dissatisfaction. When they contact you, take the time to listen to them and take their remark into account: they will help your customer strategies to develop and improve.