We all have those moments when we find ourselves in a bind, needing to find the right tools to accomplish a particular task. The search engine will probably give you many options to select and use. However, you would want to find the best tool to make sure that your work is of high quality and that it will not take forever to finish it. If you are looking for the ideal tool to convert your files into specific formats, PDF Bear is the perfect find to help you accomplish such tasks and more.

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Typically, Word Files are preferable since you can easily make changes by opening the application. There will be no hindrance in adding or deleting information included inside your various files. But, PDF files are more convenient when you wish to send the document to another, and for some reason, you hope to hinder the other person from making any changes to the file’s content. The solution is simple: change the file format from Word Document to a PDF file.

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The next thing you would wonder is how you would be able to achieve that? PDF Bear gives you the perfect answer to address your troubles.

PDF Bear: Word To PDF Converter

Converting your file format is easy. PDF Bear can aid you in achieving whatever format you would want to convert your file into. It does not merely offer to convert Word files to PDFs, but it can also vice versa.

Are you a first-time user of PDF Bear, or is it merely your first time to try converting your files online? Don’t worry; PDF Bear is a free word to PDF converter and user-friendly. You can explore your application and use its features by following the simple process found in every feature you wish to use. If you are still wondering how here is an example of the same guide you will find in the online tool itself:

  1. First, select and upload the Word file you want or need to convert.
  2. The web-based tool will scan your file.
  3. Processing your file will only take minutes.
  4. Once your file is ready, you can then save and download it or send it directly to specific recipients of your choice.

In about two minutes, you will have your newly converted file in your hands. Additionally, you can assure that it is of high-quality and that your file’s contents stay input and no harm will happen to them.

Free Version Versus Pro Account

Of course, PDF Bear is for free and will not ask you to add your email address or make an account to login and gain access to the several features it offers. But, you can also choose to go Pro.

Pro Account users have additional access to other features of PDF Bear. You can choose to subscribe for $9.99 every month, or you can select the $99.99 yearly subscription. It might be costly, but it sure is worth it and PDF download is available.

For Pro Account users, there is no applicable restriction when it comes to performing tasks. You can do tasks simultaneously using PDF Bear. You can edit and convert several files without a limit. Plus, when you do choose to subscribe, you will surely avoid running into unwanted advertisements.

Other Available Features

PDF Bear is versatile, and it does not only allow you to convert files, but you can also split, merge, repair, lock, and unlock them.

  • SPLITTING PDF – this feature gives you the chance to extract pages from your files. Whether you wish to rearrange them later on or separate some pages, you can access this feature.
  • MERGING PDF – with PDF Bear, you can also combine your files. If it so happens that the file you just separated needs combining again, the merging option is available in PDF Bear.
  • REPAIRING PDF – if you have corrupted files, PDF Bear can help you recover them. But, you have to take note that there will be those files that will be beyond saving. PDF Bear also guarantees that it adds no further damage to your files.
  • LOCK AND UNLOCK PDF – if you want to secure your file, PDF Bear provides you with a lock feature to add password protection to your files. Of course, with PDF Bear, you can also unlock encrypted files.