How Can you Save Energy During the Winter Season in the UK?

How Can you Save Energy During the Winter Season in the UK?

In the UK, most businesses consume more power in the winter. It is an unavoidable reality of life. When the days get cooler, your employees may want to turn up the heating controls. This will offer better comfort and warmth in the office. However, it will also increase your utility costs. So, you need to learn how to bring down your bills and conserve energy during the winter season.

What Are the Topmost Tips to Conserve Energy During Winter?

Your office’s air conditioning system consumes the most energy. It accounts for about half of your entire energy expenditure. Your utility bill will skyrocket when the temperature range is used the most during the summer and winter months. Winter is harsh since heating bills are a matter of survival. Luckily, there are many simple methods to save cash on your electricity bill while remaining warm in the winter.

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Address Draughts

Cold air may get in, and warm air can escape via openings in your doorways, windows, and flooring. Mounting draught excluders on your openings is a good idea. You can use a proper sealant, insulation sheets, timber beading, or even rolled-up magazine bits. Draught excluders under your doors can also be made from rolled-up sheets.

Heat is also lost through gaps and fractures in the floor. So, take a close look at your flooring and see if you can fill any gaps with a silicone-based sealer. On the other hand, covering air vents is never a good idea since it increases the danger of co poisoning.

Switch Energy Suppliers

Another vital step to save energy is to switch your energy suppliers. You will find hundreds of energy providers in the UK. So, you can take help from any online utility bidder tool to find a list of providers in your region. Once you have a list, you can compare their rates and choose the cheapest possible option for your business.

Turn Off Appliances

Avoid leaving electrical equipment on standby, such as laptops, small electronics, and other devices. They’re still turned on even if they’re on standby. This indicates that they are squandering energy. Instead of keeping them on standby, turn them off and, if possible, disconnect them. Purely by not using your devices in standby mode, you may save hundreds of pounds every year.

Lower the Thermostat

Significantly reducing your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees will help you save about 10% on your energy expenses. During working hours, a smart thermostat may be configured to the conditions you want. Some smart thermostats allow you to operate your heating element using your phone, voice, or smartphone app. A smart thermostat might be expensive, but it can pay for itself over time.

HVAC Maintenance

It’s also an excellent opportunity to perform routine maintenance on your heating and cooling systems throughout the winter. Ensure your heater filters are clean, so your system doesn’t have to work harder than usual.¬†

Some filters may be washed and reapplied, while you must completely change others. Check the maintenance needs for your unit. You may also hire an HVAC specialist to examine your system and provide recommendations for upgrades.