Top 5 Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners


Whether you’re looking to lower your electric bill or want to be a little bit kinder to Mother Nature, there are dozens of simple things you can start doing in your home to reduce your power consumption and save energy.

Are you ready to start leading a more environmentally friendly lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start? We’re here to help. Here are five of the best energy-saving tips you can start using in your home right now.

1. Be Smart With Your Thermostat

What’s the point of keeping your house nice and cool if you’re not around to enjoy it? One of the easiest ways to start saving significantly on your electric bill is by programming your thermostat to go on and off and different times.

While you can manually adjust your thermostat to turn off your heating or cooling before you leave the house, having a set program will ensure that your thermostat regulates the temperature itself, just in case you forget.

2. Make Sure You’re Insulated

Go stand over by the nearest window. Do you notice a significant temperature change the closer you get? If your home isn’t insulated, it could be practically bleeding money.

Insulation helps regulate your home’s internal temperature by keeping the outside weather from leaking in through cracks around the windows or thin walls. Replacing the insulation inside your walls can be a bit involved. That said, adding foam to your attic and caulking around your windows and doors are quick and easy ways to improve your home’s insulation and save power.

3. Use Your Windows

One of the most powerful tools you can find to help you save power likely came already built into your home; your windows.

While windows can be energy vampires if not insulated properly, they can also be powerful tools when it comes to heating, cooling, and lighting your home all year long.

In the warmer months, you can keep your windows open to create a cross breeze to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature. But don’t forget to keep the shades at least partially pulled to block out heating rays.

When it starts to get colder outside, leave your shades open on sunny days to let the sun’s rays warm up your home. Then at night, or cloudy days, keep your shades and curtains shut to help block out the cold.

4. Invest in Green Energy

Are you interested in a way to take your electric bill down to zero? Unfortunately, the only way to completely zero out your power bill is to disconnect from the grid, but that could leave you powerless, and depending on where you are, it may not even be possible.

That said, there are plenty of ways you can limit your home’s reliance on your local grid; by using green, renewable energy.

While solar installation may sound expensive, adding a few solar panels to your property can help drastically lower your electric bill and help you save a lot of cash.

5. Change a Few Habits

Finally, another fantastic way to save power is by changing up your habits. Take cooler or shorter showers when possible, leave lights off during the day, and washing some clothes and dishes by hand, so you don’t have to run the appliances. Remember, when it comes to saving power, a little effort can go a long way.

Using These Energy Saving Tips

By using a few of these energy-saving tips, you’ll be able to drastically lower your electric bill and your home’s impact on the planet. Are you looking for more advice on how to save money or switch to a greener lifestyle? We’ve got you covered. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful articles, tips, and tricks today!