Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Gold Jewellery

Photo by Vaibhav Nagare on Unsplash

Purchasing gold jewellery on every occasion is a lovely experience. Gold is a valuable investment because it can last for an indefinite period with proper care. The gold price may vary greatly according to place, karat and weight. If you are buying gold jewellery for the first time, it is easy to get duped. For this reason, buy gold jewellery from a trustworthy place.

Extra caution is necessary for you to avoid scammers. You should not worry because here are some suggestions that will help you avoid costly mistakes when buying gold.

Understand Materials of Gold Jewellery

When buying gold jewellery, you must learn about the material of pieces. If the seller fails to specify material, stay away from him. Materials may be silver, rose gold, gold or other valuable metals. It is beneficial to ask about the material before making a purchase.

You cannot identify gold from its colour because metals can be different in the jewellery design. Avoid deciding on the appearance of gold or the price of the jewellery. Fortunately, you can find pure gold jewellery at PurpleMay Jewellery with a complete product description.

Nickel or brass can turn your skin black; therefore, you cannot wear them. These metals can cause allergic reactions. For this reason, avoid wearing gold with a brass or nickel base.

Ignoring Hallmarks

Remember, jewellery must be hallmarked after testing. To get hallmarks, the jewellery should meet particular quality standards. Remember, hallmarking include logo, centre mark, code letter, marking year, and fineness.

Do Not Wear Same Jewellery Daily

Typically, ladies wear the same jewellery every day instead of taking it off after an occasion. In this situation, your jewellery will become grimy from several hidden places. It can accumulate chemicals from shampoo and soap. As a result, you may have infections.

It is essential to take off your regular jewellery pieces for cleaning with warm foamy water. Use a brush containing soft bristles for cleaning. You can follow this routine once a week.

Avoid Investment in Gold Jewellery

People love to invest in gold jewellery, but it can be a bad decision. You can consider gold coins or biscuits for investment. Remember, you have to pay making charges for gold jewellery. Moreover, invest in 24 karats gold over 22 karats.

Keep an Eye on Making Fee

For jewellery design, the making fee can be different. To avoid excessive charges, you have to evaluate the percentage of making charges. Remember, you will not get these charges while re-selling your gold ornaments. If making charges are high, consider another jeweller.

For gold purity, karat is a measurement. If you want the purest gold form, you can buy 24 karats. People often prefer 22 karats, but 24 karats bards and coins are suitable.

The reputation of jewellery Shop

Before buying jewellery, it is essential to pay attention to the reputation of the shop. Some jewellers can use some tricks to deceive buyers. For this reason, evaluate their reputation before doing business with them. A small shop may lack essential machines and facilities to check the purity of gold.  Always choose a reputed person with the necessary facilities and machines to buy gold.