4 Reasons Your Business Internet May Be Slow

There’s no doubt about it; a slow internet connection can be frustrating.  Yet, it can be even more frustrating when it’s slow at your place of business.  When everyone in the office relies on the web to get their work done, a lag in your connection can seriously affect productivity. 

Office environments aren’t the only ones that will suffer from a slow connection, either.  Retail stores also rely on speedy internet for processing transactions and dealing with customer inquiries and online marketing. 

When you find yourself with slow internet, it’s impossible to get any work done, and even less possible to stay calm when something out of your control is holding you back. You might find yourself pulling your hair out, wondering what the problem is. If you find yourself with slow internet at work, here are some of the reasons why it might be happening. 

Your Router is in a Bad Location 

Your router needs to be positioned in a place where it’s easy for your computer to access the net. If you’re too far away from the router, or if there are obstructions between you and the device itself, then it can affect the signal. Try moving your computer closer to the router in order to encourage a smooth transition of the signal. 

If that’s not an option, you might want to consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender. An extender increases the range of your router’s signal and allows you to access the web from any location in your business. 

You’ve Got a Virus 

Unfortunately, a slow internet connection out of nowhere is often an indication of malware or virus. If you notice that your PC or laptop is starting to run slower than usual when online and also when opening applications that don’t require internet access, then this could be an indication of something more going on. 

You should run a virus scan on your computer to see if you locate any malicious programs. Hopefully, you’ve already got an antivirus in place, and if not, you should get one immediately

You Need a New Browser 

Some browsers aren’t as good as others.  If you notice that your internet is acting slowly, then it may be time to switch to a faster and more updated browser. Usually, something as simple as updating your browser may make a world of difference.  

Your Internet Service Provider Has Issues 

If you’ve gone down the list and tried all the possible solutions for fixing your internet woes, and there’s still no end in sight, then it may be time to give a call to your internet service provider. Sometimes a simple phone call will reveal that they are having connectivity issues in general. If it happens regularly, then you might want to consider switching to another service that’s more reliable.