We are always in a hurry.

We do not have time to wait when we are opening a site or posting something on social media.

No one likes slow internet. It is really annoying to stare at the dotted circle when you are watching Netflix; after all, you have to finish the series by tomorrow morning. Urban areas may have the facility of having fast internet but rural communities have struggled with reliable internet for many years. This puts rural areas at a major disadvantage, and often leaves communities isolated and feeling left behind.

The worst part is that when you are downloading the latest movie from The Pirate Bay, and after downloading 99%, the internet becomes so slow that the download fails.

Make Your Internet Fast

Now you know the most common reasons why you are experiencing slow internet speed. You need to fix all these reasons to get high-speed internet, or you also can opt for optimum internet plans with higher speed.

Probable Explanations for Why Your Internet Is Slow

When you are getting slow internet, there could be many reasons for slow internet. Here are some of the most common reasons behind your internet irritating you with slow speed.

Explanation 1: You Are Using A Iffy Connection.

In case you are using a Wi-fi connection, connect your computer with a wired internet when you are doing something important. When you are connecting your system with an ethernet cable, the network is becoming close, where the variables can be controlled.

On the other hand, if you are using wi-fi, the network is an open network, where the environment is constantly changing. Thus you might be getting reduced speed.

Explanation 2: You Have Installed The Router At Wrong Location.

The location of your router actually matters for the internet speed. If you have installed the router at the entrance and you are scrolling Instagram in the bathroom, you might net enough speed to watch the Instagram reels. The signals are transmitted through the air between satellites orbiting the earth, the internet service provider, and your satellite dish. Since these waves are traveling through the atmosphere, it is logical to wonder: does weather affect satellite internet service?

Always try to install the router at the center of the house and also ensure the path is clear; we mean no furniture is becoming an obstacle to the router and your device.

Explanation 3: You Might Have Made Your Network Open To All.

Have you restricted your wi-fi network with a password?


Then, it might be your entire neighborhood is using the internet from your network. You might know that the increase of connected devices will reduce the speed. Therefore, if you do not set a password for accessing the neighborhood, it will become an open network.

Anyone can connect with the network, and it will automatically reduce the speed of your internet.

Explanation 4: Your Browser History Is Full.

As you are visiting different websites, your browser is collecting data so that it can cater to its search results as per your requirements. It is surely enhancing your browsing experience. At the same time, over time, the browser history becomes full.

Most people make the most obvious mistake by not clearing their browser history. It actually impacts the speed of your internet. Clearing history might solve the issue.

Explanation 5: Have You Restarted Your Router?

Your router also needs rest. If you have not given your router some rest or restarted it, you might face slower internet speed issues. In case you have not restarted your router for a longer time, and have internet issues, restart it now.

Resetting your router can be more effective sometimes, but you need to make sure that you are backing up the settings so that you can set it up well after resetting.

Explanation 6: You Might Be Not Getting Enough Bandwidth.

In some cases, the ISPs or internet service providers do not provide you with the bandwidth of the internet connection. It is your responsibility to check the bandwidth before installing the internet connection.

In case you do not know the bandwidth and have slow internet issues, you should have a look at the bandwidth. If it is less, opt for a greater one.

Explanation 7: ISP Throttling Also Can Be A Reason.

On the basis of which internet service provider or ISP you are using, your slow internet connection might be the result of ISP throttling. Here, your ISP slows down the internet speed in order to regulate the internet traffic and also prevent bandwidth congestion.

It is usual for the ISP to issue data caps on the internet service they offer. Get an idea about it. Also, not all providers throttle internet speed.