Mekka Mellia Blog Review-An Indonesian Fashion Blogger

    Who is Mekka Mellia?

    Are you searching for a new fashion inspiration who has modified her ways and become a blogger to a fashion influencer? Yes, I am talking about none other than the renowned Mekka Mellia who is an Indonesian blogger and has made her name in the fashion trends with her spectacular content and epic style.

    Mekka Mellia has carried her blog in a very distinctive way. Want to discover everything about Mekka Mellia blog and her lifestyle? Read out this comprehensive guide.

    Here, we have described a closer look at Mekka Mellia blog, her lifestyle, the way she carries her signature style, her flourishing career, and the latest trends that she covers in her blog.

    Who is Mekka Mellia?

    Who is Mekka Mellia?

    Mekka Mellia is an influential Indonesian fashion blogger who has gained immense popularity because of her gorgeous fashion sense. She has a background in branding and marketing that has helped her to build her blog and become a leading voice in the fashion industry.

    Mellia has worked for various designers and top-notch fashion brands including collaborations with top-class fashion houses in Indonesia. Today, Mekka Mellia blog is highly known for its striking fashion trends and the innovative ideas that she adopts in modest wear.

    What do you know about Mekka Mellia’s blog?

    The famous Indonesian fashion blogger, Mekka Mellia has become a rebellion star who took the start of her blogging career in March 2021.

    Mekka Mellia blog features her unique style with a great emphasis on the latest fashion and trending hijab techniques. As a blogger, Mekka has fired up the world with her distinctive perspective on fashion and style.

    Her blog is a complete guide to her style with a great focus on modest fashion and trending hijab techniques. Have you seen her posts? They are masterpieces in fashion expertise while featuring everything from her styling tips, and outfit ideas to product reviews and ecstatically captured photographs.

    If you are looking to have a rousing fashion look, Mekka Mellia blog is a must to look place to get a perfect start to your modernised look. So let’s quickly view her blog and be inspired by her style!

    The Mission of Mekka Mellia’s blog:

    The Mission of Mekka Mellia blog

    The purpose of Mekka Mellia blog is to empower its blog readers and enable them to make well-informed decisions about living style, fashion, and beauty.

    Her blog aims to offer actionable and authentic information while focusing on Mekka Mellia’s particular viewpoint on style and fashion. The objectives of her blog include creativity, brilliance, and authenticity.

    What is the future of Mekka Mellia flourishing career in blogging?

    Alike me, everyone wants to know about the future of Mekka Mellia blog. Well, she has accumulated massive success in her blogging career which has made her future incredibly bright.

    The Indonesian fashion blogger has a keen eye for the latest trends and is committed to providing readers with good-quality content. Mekka Mellia has struggled hard to become one of the major influencers in the world of fashion blogging.

    Being a blogger, Mekka continues to evolve and grow to make people await more interesting and inspirational content. She has undoubtedly her finger on the pulse of modernised fashion trends.

    Mekka Mellia blog is sure to be a top-notch destination for all the fashion influencers out there. So just keep an eye on her blog to adopt wonderful fashion trends.

    What inspires you about Mekka Mellia blog?

    Mekka Mellia blog is preeminent for her astounding fashion sense. She is a pro at combining the modest fashion look with the latest fashion trends. The fashion that she has adopted is a blend of her trending styles and her personality.

    Mekka’s style reflects both traditional and modern ideas for young girls. That’s what makes the most standout thing about Mekka Mellia blog. It happens a very few times that she picks up a subtle theme in an outfit because she more often prefers wearing unique and bold patterned designs.

    She is crazy about wearing accessories. Her favourites are the trending scarves and the jewellery pieces that she wears. The way she covers her hijab inspires people a lot. That’s the reason why her blog has become the most highly followed blog not just in Indonesia but in the entire world.

    The trending things to look for in Mekka Mellia blog:

    Mekka Mellia blog is one of the most provocative fashion blogs in Indonesia. The purpose of her blog is to emphasise modest fashion and the latest hijab trends which made her a popular fashion advisor across the entire fashion industry.

    For instance, let us take a look at Mekka Mellia blog trends and get ourselves informed by the updated fashion looks and styles adopted by Mekka Mellia.

    1: The bold colours and trends adopted by Mekka Mellia:

    If you have still not come across Mekka Mellia blog, then you should check it now. The way she uses bold colours, big prints, and astounding patterns in her outfits makes it an impeccable trend among people.

    Mekka incorporates different colour combinations and floral prints in her outfit ideas and is never confused about exploring the different shades and styles.

    Here is the list of a few colours and pattern trends that are mostly liked by the people and are highlighted in Mekka Mellia blog.

    1. The pastel and Neon colours look impressive.
    2. Animal prints like leopard, cow, and zebra are awe-inspiring.
    3. The block prints and stripes that she wears look astounding.
    4. Daisy prints.

    2: Mekka Mellie Modest Fashion Inspiration:

    Do you what make Mekka Mellia blog a hallmark one? Off Course, that’s her modest fashion inspiration for the world. Her blog describes information on how to maintain a good fashion while keeping a touch of modesty.

    She is also known for the baggy clothes that she wears. Here are some of the modest fashion inspirations that you need to check into the highlights of Mekka Mellia blog.

    1. The monochromatic outfits of Mekka Mellia look beautiful.
    2. The layered looks in her blog are quite appealing.
    3. The unique hijab styles of Mekka Mellia are amazing.
    4. The Loose-fitting clothes and big beautiful jewellery pieces look extremely generous.

    3: Clinching your natural beauty is essential:

    The last thing that you can look for in Mekka Mellia blog is about embracing your natural beauty. Through her makeup tutorials and skincare routine, she gives a lot of information on how she enhances her natural beauty and you can do this also by following her tips.

    Here are some of the top trending beauty hacks that you can check in the highlights section of her blog.

    1. Dark and bold lip colours.
    2. Tips on natural and glowing beauty.
    3. Neon-coloured eye shadows.
    4. Tick and dark eyebrows look eye-catching.

    The impact of Mekka Mellie blog on the Indonesian fashion Industry:

    Mekka Mellie blog on the Indonesian fashion

    Mekka Mellia who is a prominent Indonesian fashion blogger inspires everyone with her spectacular content and unique fashion sense. She has swiftly become an essential character in the world of fashion in Indonesia.

    The impact of Mekka Mellia blog on the Indonesian fashion industry is undeniable because she has changed the trends in the industry. Today, people adopt her style and are motivated to follow her fresh trends.

    Do you know that Mekka Mellia blog overtures a novel viewpoint on the fashion world of Indonesia? The influence of her blog in the fashion industry is excessively increasing while making people encourage her trending looks and outclass hijab techniques.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How did Mekka Mellia take the start of her career as a fashion blogger?

    Mekka Mellia always had a deep interest in fashion. Her background was in marketing and fashion which lets her inspiration to start a blog in March 2021.

    Is Mekka Mellia’s blog all about modest fashion?

    No, the biggest focus of her blog is on modest fashion but she covers every aspect of fashion, trends, and styles in her blog regardless of her fashion trends only.

    What product reviews do Mekka Mellia’s blog endeavour?

    Mekka Mellia’s blog endeavours several products and catalogue reviews. All of her reviews are genuine as she covers reviews on products like beauty essentials, clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags.

    Is hijab acceptable with Western clothes as well?

    Off Course, Mekka Mellia’s blog is all about showcasing different hijab styles which you can easily carry with modern or Western clothes. So, it is a good way for Muslim women to adopt this style while maintaining their modern lifestyle.

    How to look for the latest posts on Mekka Mellia’s blog?

    You can easily look for the latest posts and content on Mekka Mellia’s blog by simply following her blog or reaching out to her social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Go and follow them to get the latest update.


    Mekka Mellia’s blog is a compilation of both innovative and informative content. The way she has adopted modest fashion while wearing hijab is unmatched.

    The unique perspective of her life and willingness to share her daily life experiences can help people learn knowledge and ideas from different viewpoints.

    Her blog motivates people to make the best possible decision to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. So, just go and check out her blog to acknowledge yourself with Mekka Mellia’s streamlined content.


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