Why Should you Stop Drinking Soda?


Sodas come from all walks of life and from different brands. Consumed by both adults and adolescents, sodas have very harmful and highly dangerous repercussions for our health. 

Too sweet and nutritionally poor, they have many harmful effects on the body. We’ve thought about it and researched it for you, to show you why you should stop drinking soda.

1- Sodas increase the risk of type 2 diabetes 

Due to their high sugar content, their power to raise blood sugar and therefore to cause insulin spikes are very strong. In a 2014 study in Japan, 2,037 Japanese employees were followed for 7 years. 170 of them contracted type 2 diabetes during the study. Researchers have found a correlation between consumption of sodas, whether regular or light, and an increased risk of diabetes.

2- We find in some sodas carcinogenic substances likely to cause, worsen or sensitize to cancer or its appearance

A study published in 2012 in fact revealed that classic or light “ Cola type ” drinks contain 4-methylimidazole in amounts greater than the authorized limit. It has been proven that this chemical compound, commonly abbreviated 4-MEI and which gives in particular its brown color to drinks, in particular made animals sick, and therefore probably humans if consumed in large quantities.

3- An increased risk of osteoporosis

In order to sparkle, manufacturers add phosphoric acid to drinks ( example: in Coca Cola ). This acid tends to burn our bowels and upset the balance of our body, especially in terms of calcium. However, calcium is necessary for our body to strengthen our bones. Numerous studies have confirmed the link between the consumption of “ Cola-type ” drinks and bone fractures and osteoporosis ( Journal of Adolescent Health, 1994 ).

4- sodas cause cavities

A study carried out in the United States has shown that the consumption of soda is responsible for the development of cavities in young children. It is the acids (phosphoric, citric…) present in sodas that cause erosion of the enamel. For example, water has a neutral pH of 7 when normal Coca-Cola has an acidic pH of 2.4.

So, do you still want to drink soft drinks?