What You Need to Know About Canva Resumes


When dozens and hundreds of people apply for your dream job, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Of course, your personal charm and skills will come in handy to impress a recruiter, but a little later.

At the first stage of the job search, it is crucial to present yourself with the help of a resume. It is the first thing a recruiter sees, and a lot depends on how complete, competent, and catchy your application is. On average, it takes an HR specialist only six seconds to go through a resume and cover letter, so its originality is essential.

Of course, to create something incredible, it is better to explore several services, including LiveCareer. Check out the topresume reviews here to make sure the service is worthy of your attention. This is much more than a writing service – here, you will find many tips, tricks, and samples to make your job search easier.

So, how to write a resume correctly, and are there ready-made templates for this? Of course, there are! You’ve probably heard about Canva. The site allows you to create resumes on designer templates using infographics and absolutely for free. With this platform, your unique personality and professionalism are reflected in a cool resume. So, what should you know about this service?

Why Choose Canva?

The target audience of this service is incredibly different: it is used by both students who are just starting their professional path and, say, experienced graphic designers.

Canva offers many templates. Surely, you have to pay for some of them, but many variants are free. Thus, you can select one and then edit the preloaded text with your own data. The attractive feature of the service is its simplicity: you can easily add images, change the background, and customize everything as you like.

A large number of design templates, from creative or minimalist to standard classic ones, will definitely not leave you indifferent. To create a resume, pick up the layout you prefer and edit it for yourself. The finished document can be downloaded in several formats. Also, editing is available at any time.

So, let’s list Canva’s benefits once again.

· You are free to adjust templates and change colors, add photos, etc.

· Adding pages: you can make a detailed CV on several pages.

· There is a wide range of fonts and layouts.

· A resume can be downloaded in PDF or made available via a link.

· You can create your own backgrounds and layouts.

· Canva works well both as a website and as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Where to Start?

First, you need to sign up using one of the subscription options provided. A basic subscription will be enough to create a professional resume with one of the free templates, but those who

want more advanced features can go for a Canva Pro subscription. It gives you a wider choice of elements and images to create designs.

What Are the Templates?

On Canva, some of the templates have a crown sign. This means that these templates use a paid element, and to download this it, you need to pay. However, if you replace the watermarked element with a free one or simply remove it, then any layout can be downloaded without payment.

Is Editing Available?

Having chosen the template you like, all that remains is to replace the text and insert your own photo. In addition, you can edit each element of the layout and personalize it to your taste. Thus, you are free to change colors and fonts and even apply a filter to the photo. The finished resume can be printed from the editor, or you can save it in PDF format. Source:

What You Need to Know About Canva Resumes
Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

How to Create a Resume From Scratch?

First and foremost, go on canva.com, open the search bar, and type “Resume”. This will bring up a list of designs, but you are going to work with the blank page in the center. However, if you want to change this white color, click “Background” in the left corner of the workspace. This will list the colors you can use.

Next, click on the “Elements” menu to find graphics, lines, and shapes that you can apply to make your CV more appealing. Like Canva’s ready-made templates, some elements are free, while others are paid.

Once you are done with the elements, click on the text. You can add a title, subtitle, or body one by one. As you move the text field, you may see lines popping up in different places. They help you align text with shapes on the page.

As for the fonts, check them in the dropdown menu on the left. There are plenty of available options and sizes.

It is also recommended to use some graphic elements to divide the resume into categories. This way, your CV will be easier to perceive. To do this, go to “Elements” > “Lines” and find the one you want to apply; better keep it simple.

After that, you will complete the various sections of your resume. List your contact details, accomplishments, experience, and education.

To Wrap It Up

When you apply for a new job, you need to do everything possible to get noticed. And the most important thing is to have a well-written resume that shows your work experience, strengths, and key skills in an attractive way. Today, one can make their resume shine not only with the help of a professional writer but using a platform such as Canva.