All You Need to Know About IATAN Card Benefits

IATAN Card Benefits

IATAN cardholders benefit from many different travel industry discounts. They also receive access to training courses and certifications through IATA’s training institute.

The IATA/IATAN ID card gives travel professionals access to the Agent Experience platform where they can view and book, in one convenient place, special offers, including FAM trips, training courses and personal discounts on flights, hotels, car hire, ground transportation and attractions worldwide.


The IATAN Card is a valuable travel professional credential that gives you access to excellent training and exclusive discounts on travel, merchandise, gift cards & retail.

IATAN cardholders are eligible for discounted rates on air travel, hotel rooms, car rentals, theme parks, city tour passes, museums and more! Discounts typically range from 15-20% off and can be found through the Agent Experience portal.

Those who do not have an IATAN Card can still receive discounts on some travel options, but they are rarer than those available to cardholders.

While some hotels and other suppliers require travel agents to present the IATAN Card, it is less common than it once was. Even so, keeping an IATAN Card on file is worth the effort.


IATAN cardholders have access to excellent training opportunities and incredible travel, merchandise, gift cards & retail deals. Learn new skills, build your knowledge base and earn credentials to help you succeed in the industry.

Many airlines offer reduced airfares to travel professionals with an IATAN Card, including Allegiant Air British Airways. These discounts vary but typically range from 15-20% off the regular rate.

Additionally, City tour passes, museums, aquariums and other tourist attractions are often available at discounted agent rates. Check the IATA Agent Experience portal for these special offers.

IATA’s ‘Agent Experience’ platform provides travel industry professionals with FAM trips, training courses and personal discounts on flights, hotels, car hire, ground transportation and attractions worldwide. IATA has partnered with Hotelbeds, one of the world’s leading bed banks, to strengthen the platform by offering ID card holders full access to its 180,000 hotel properties in 140 countries worldwide.¬†

Non-ticketing options

There are many benefits to having an IATAN card, including obtaining industry discounts from hotels and car rental companies. But the best part about this ID is that it can provide your agency access to the latest travel technologies and services.

For example, many airlines offer airfare discounts to IATAN cardholders. These discounts typically range from 15-20% off the base rate and are available through IATAN’s Agent Experience portal on their website.

In addition to airfare, an IATAN Card can also be used to get free swag, and a handful of airlines offer a rewards program for their top-performing agents. These programs are a great way to get more visibility for your business and build trust with your customers. To earn a reward, you must meet specific criteria, like being top-performing in several categories and having a large volume of bookings. You’ll also need to provide personal information and pay an annual fee.


Travel agencies and employees can receive recognition through IATA’s globally recognized IATA/IATAN card. This ID card provides a standard of professional identification. Travel professionals can use it to receive discounts on airfares, hotel accommodations, car rentals and tour packages from participating suppliers.

The IATAN photo ID card has been a recognized industry standard for many years. While some agents have become critical of the card’s usefulness, a growing number say it offers significant benefits and should be supported.

Several agent associations have teamed up to develop an alternative ID card. However, it has yet to be determined whether it will be accepted by all suppliers or airlines. It could take a while, but if it is successful, it will offer a new way to identify agents and increase the value of their work.