What is Instanavigation Instagram?


Instagram has been behaving strangely lately with an increase in hacking on the platform and the discovery of many bot accounts. So, these bot accounts are actually hackers, which is why many users are turning to Instagram viewers to protect their identities. So, I tested a variety of anonymous Instagram viewers to see their credibility and stumbled upon InstaNavigation. Read all the way to the end as we tested all the features and observed the cons and alternatives.

InstaNavigation Instagram

Introduction to InstaNavigation?

Like all other anonymous Instagram story viewers, InstaNavigation is one of them and is a popular tool among users who do not have a personal account on Instagram. Users are going crazy about such anonymous story viewers and they are in high demand lately because it allows you to stalk any Instagram account you want while remaining anonymous. It allows you to view stories, posts, and highlights, and even provide exact stats from any account without revealing your identity. Great isn’t? Just give it a Try at: https://instanavigation.com

What is Instanavigation Instagram?

What are the Features of InstaNavigation?

InstaNavigation is very easy to use for Instagram viewers but here are some amazing features that will help you in choosing the best Instagram viewer anonymously.

  1. Instagram Anonymously Stalking:

The main feature of the InstaNavigation service is absolute and complete anonymity. Instanavigation.com dashboard offers the user-friendly process of viewing Instagram profiles anonymously. InstaNavigation allows you to view any public profile of anyone without revealing your identity. As shown in the image above Just enter your username or URL of the profile and it will allow you to access your profile, posts, stories, and highlights without logging in.

  1. View Stories and Posts anonymously 

InstaNavigation Allows you to secretly view Stories from last 24 hours and Posts of any instagram Public account. You don’t need to log in or use your Instagram profile to view it.

  1. View Statistics of accounts on InstaNavigation

This feature of InstaNavigation is very helpful for businesses in terms of choosing influencer marketers. Now with InstaNavigation, a business can check the stats, Insight, and demographics before making a final decision of choosing an influencer marketer for your brand.

What is Instanavigation Instagram?

  1.  Easy to Use And Downloadable

Want to download videos and photos? No Problem with InstaNavigation you can download any Publich post pictures or videos.

  1.  View Comments on public Posts anonymously

InstaNavgiation also allows you to see who left likes and comments under posts. Read post comments without leaving your footprints.

  1.  No need to register

InstaNavigation is for everyone, Anyone can use this service. You don’t need to install any software or go through any signup process to view any public profile, Posts, stories, and stats. You can do everything through the browser page.

Limitations on instaNavigation:

Like every other tool for Instagram viewers, InstaNavigation also has some limits. here are some of the things which you cannot do on InstaNavigation.

Limit Private Account Access:

Where instaNavigation allows you to anonymously view any story or post, it cannot provide you access to any private account. No tool can provide Private account data. This part of the limit is what we all have to respect.

Limit Private Account Access:

What are the Famous Alternatives to InstaNavigation:


The Picuki app allows you to search Instagram for photos and videos of people you follow. Besides, it allows you to search for the IG accounts of friends and see their stories. This is one of the best alternatives to InstaNavigation.


Dumpor is a also free Instagram Stalker tool like InstaNavigation which allows you to view the Instagram profiles of other users without a user account.


IGAnony is Fast and easy to use! Watch anyone’s Instagram story without them knowing is a best alternative to InstaNavigation

Final words about InstaNavigation:

It’s easier than ever to stay up to date on all events on Instagram while remaining anonymous. InstaNavigation provides a simple and free way to stay up to date on Instagram events while keeping your identity private. This service allows you to follow certain users without their knowledge, so you can stay updated on interesting news and download related content.