6 Myths About Hair Care Which You Should Ignore


Haircare is such an essential part of our everyday life. However, it is not solely dependent on a good lifestyle but also reflects positively on our food choices and everyday routine.

Haircare proves to be important in more than just one way. Almost all of us will give a heads-up to this fact – well-groomed hair equals a higher confidence level.

According to a survey, hair care contributes more than 15% of the total global beauty and personal care market.

But then again, with the rise in awareness regarding hair care, myths and misconceptions relating to the same have also risen. Let’s check out some of the many popular myths About hair care, and break some eggs:

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  1. Don’t pluck that grey hair, it’ll double in number

Possibly the worst myth surrounding hair care. We all have been told this, or at least have heard this being told to someone. But thank God, it is nothing but a big, fat myth!

Yes, you heard us right – plucking grey hair is okay and no, it will not cause them to multiply in number. Rather, plucking grey hair can be considered as a temporary way of getting rid of them.

According to hair experts, grey hair does not multiply in number. Those are just your normal black hair, that has lost their melanin and are appearing to look grey. So, next time when you pluck a grey hair, do not feel guilty about it.

  1. Trimming your hair makes it grow quicker

If there is one myth about hair care that’s had us believe in it in the first go, it was this very myth. It is still considered to be true by most people. But no, it is just a misconception – nothing more, nothing less.

You see, there lies a very simple science behind it. Hair grows from the roots present on the scalp of your head.

Therefore, chopping your hair from the tips just to make them grow faster makes no sense at all. While chopping hair helps you get rid of split ends, but that’s all about it. It does not charge up the speed of your hair growth. Your hair follicles are responsible for that.

  1. Splits ends can be reduced, never repaired

We know this sounds sad, but it is actually true. Nowadays, various hair care products promise to fully repair split ends. How we wish it was possible, but no – it is not. Do not fall into the trap.

As per experts, split ends occur when hair cuticles get damaged and there is no solid way to undo this. Besides, when you overheat your hair or use bristle brushes, you invite more split ends. The only way to get rid of these is by trimming your hair every once in 8-12 weeks.

  1. Coldwater for lustrous hair

Again, the myth that takes a toll on us – especially in winters! Next time someone comes up telling you to wash your hair with cold water to make it look glossy, bombard them with the truth. There is no evidence if rinsing hair with cold water makes any such difference.

Although it is strictly inhibited to wash your hair with super warm water, washing the hair with lukewarm water fetches the same result as that of cold water.

  1. No conditioning for oily hair

If you struggle with oily hair, you must have been advised to maintain a safe distance with conditioners.

It is, however, just a huge misconception that conditioners make your hair oily. The main reason why you have oily hair is because of excessive sebum production. Sebum is mainly produced due to stress, hormonal imbalance, or poor nutrition.

So, stop blaming your condition. Go pick your conditioner bottle because it smoothens and nourishes your hair.

  1. Air drying is a better alternative than blow-drying

This myth is at the bottom of the list because it is only partially false. It is true that regular blow-drying your hair for hours on end damages your hair.

But according to a recent research, while blow-drying causes damage to the surface of your hair, air drying daily can leave the strands of the hair damaged.

When you leave your hair wet for that a long time, it actually causes adverse effects on the proteins of the hair. So, blow dry your hair at a minimal heat setting and you’re good to go.

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Over to you…

There are various hair care myths out there. Here, we busted the top 6 myths surrounding the same. To take the best care of your hair, understand its quality, and use appropriate products, like those offered in the RPR Hair Care range.