27 Elegant & Easy Baby Shower Hairstyle (Updated 2023)

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Baby Shower Hairstyles

Being a mommy to be the biggest event of your life baby shower is just around the corner and you still don’t know how to style your hair? Don’t stressed and panic, I will help you find the perfect hairstyle to match your look and make you look your best at this event.

Let’s face it, a baby shower can be pretty hectic when it comes to choosing your look and outfit for the day. This content can save you a lot of time and the hassle of going through multiple panic attacks.

A baby shower is always an occasion very close to the heart of a to-be mother and she wants to look her best on that day. So generally, a mom-to-be would be on the lookout for baby shower hairstyles based on the texture, length and perhaps even the volume of her hair. In this article, you’ll find the most beautiful hairstyles to wear at a baby shower, whether you’re a mother or a guest.

What is Baby Shower?

Elegant & Easy Baby Shower Hairstyles

Actually Baby showers are events that are traditionally held for the mom-to-be. The primary purpose of this event is to show emotional support to the expecting mother.

It used to be an event only for the ladies back in the day, but with time people have started including fathers as well, especially because parenthood takes a toll on both parents. Usually, you will see that the baby shower has a theme.

Baby shower

Sometimes, people do a gender reveal at the baby shower, or hold a totally different event for that. The basic etiquette in a baby shower is to be accepting of everyone at the event and participate in everything as it is an event that is held to show how much the friends and family of the parents support them.

Parenthood is expensive, and it is best if you take a logical gift to the event. The best way to look great is to wear a hairstyle that will enhance and pull together your whole look and make you look like you put in effort for the event and you are ready to support the parents, no matter what.

Baby Shower Hairstyle

Choose the Right Baby Shower Hairstyle

Being Mommy to be, you have begun to try to be a gentle and caring mother already. The same image appeared when you tried to choose a baby shower hairstyle. Although current trends show us that expected women can wear different hairstyles on her baby shower. This article help you make the right choice.

The same image appears when we`re trying to pick the baby shower hairstyle. If the hair is short, the best option is to style it in a cute way using hot tools. Women with long hair have more options for a hairstyle. But first, they should decide if they want to put hair up or leave it loose.

How to Choose the Right Baby Shower Hairstyle?

It`s too hot to stay with long loose hair in summer, especially when you are heavily pregnant. In the end, the baby shower hairstyle should be casual, not bridal.

For women with extra-long hair, braids can be a perfect choice. They work perfectly for thick and frizzy hair because braiding takes less time than an up do.

Another option for a baby shower hairstyle is to keep it loose. But since the baby shower implies a soft image, it`s better to pick loose waves or light curls.

27 Elegant & Easy Baby Shower Hairstyles

Braided Crown – Baby Shower Hairstyle

Braided Crown - Baby Shower Hairstyle

A braided crown is a very creative baby shower hairstyle. It’s an updo and this style is perfect for a gamey baby shower. Both to-be mom and guests can wear this beautiful style.

This style complements the facial structure, allowing you to show off your jawline and collarbone.

A braided crown is perfect for this event. You’ll get endless compliments when you wear your hairstyle to a baby shower.

Half-Up Half-Down – Baby Shower Hairstyle

Half-Up Half-Down - Baby Shower Hairstyle

Half up half down is a classic Baby shower hairstyle. This hairstyle has been around for decades. People forget how practical and simple this beautiful hairstyle is. It makes you very attractive and also helps to keep away from your face.

With this hairstyle, you don’t have to worry about wearing a particular type of outfit as it goes with all types of clothes.

Twisted Braids – Baby Shower Hairstyle

Twisted Braids - Baby Shower Hairstyle

Twisted braids are one of the most attractive braids. These braids are quirky in their own right. These are not your everyday braids; these braids have a different texture and the best part is that it takes even less time than your regular braids.

It has a cluttered effect, so you don’t have to worry about making them super neat. You simply separate your hair into two sections and start twisting them in opposite directions, then simply pull them together and tie the ends with a hair tie or elastic band. This is a great hairstyle for the baby shower as it helps to hold your hair in place and will make you look great.

Colorful Pigtail Braids – Baby Shower Hairstyle

Colorful Pigtail Braids - Baby Shower Hairstyle

Colorful Pigtail Braids look cute when rocked by young girls and pregnant women. Combine purple and pink extensions while braiding long hair to add a pop of color to your head. To reveal your baby’s gender wear pink or blue hair extensions and make more colorful your baby shower.

If you are just a guest, you don’t necessarily need to add any style there. This hairstyle is done, the rest is just to make you feel more special.

Messy Bun Baby Shower Hairstyle

Messy Bun - Baby Shower Hairstyle

Messy Bun always looks appealing when done the right way. You can just wake up and do a messy bun. It will look very handsome. The messy bun looks simple but does a lot of things.

You need to add volume to the hair. You have to use the sea water spray to make it a little rough before you can put your hair in a bun. Make sure your bun is somewhere between neat and not too neat.

This hairstyle is a great choice if you want to wear a white dress. It will highlight your beautiful features and keep your hair in place. You can add some bangs if you want. The bangs will help to create the face if you have facial swelling due to pregnancy.

High & Tight Chignon Baby Shower Hairstyle

High & Tight Chignon - Baby Shower Hairstyle

This is a bold and glamorous hairstyle that has all the hair pulled back and tied into a tight, neat bun at the top of the head. It is incredibly fashionable and classy has its own way of doing it.

If you have enough hair to pin it at the base of your nape, you can create a chignon. Longer hair is easier to work with and creates a “puffier” high & tight Chignon Baby shower hairstyle.

Ruffled Comb Over Baby Shower Hairstyle

Ruffled Comb Over - Baby Shower Hairstyle

It’s very cool and easy hairstyle on baby shower. The comb is traditionally brushed through the hair from side to side. This is essentially the concept of this particular hairstyle.

However, the comb is rather messy and untidy, giving it a casual yet stylish look on your biggest celebration day.

Soft, lazy Curls Baby Shower Hairstyle

Soft, lazy Curls - Baby Shower Hairstyle

This is a really great hairstyle for medium length silky hair. It just has well-brushed side bangs and light curls all the way through the length of the hair.

A cute headband, tiara, or even a nice brooch would go great with this quick and stylish hairstyle for baby shower.

Pretty Side Twirls Baby Shower Hairstyle

Pretty Side Twirls - Baby Shower Hairstyle

As the name suggests, this is another really easy baby shower hairstyle. It requires choosing a pretty hair brooch and clipping it to both sides of the hair behind the ear by twisting a short section of hair from front to back. A slight variation of this hairstyle is the side up.

This involves twisting a small strand of hair forward from both side and securing it behind the ear with a hair brooch or bobby pin.

Senegalese Twists Baby Shower Hairstyle

Senegalese Twists - Baby Shower Hairstyle

African-American moms can celebrate their special day with a protective hairstyle that can be worn for several days.

Part your hair and incorporate blonde extensions and twist your strands for a highlighting effect. Keep the braid loose or in a bun or ponytail. Fashionable with easy care and suitable hairstyle for baby shower.

Bun for Feed-In Braids Baby Shower Hairstyle

Bun for Feed-In Braids - Baby Shower Hairstyle

Throw gorgeous braids over your shoulders and keep it simple and sophisticated and twist it into a beautiful top knot. This style allows you to show off your braids while maintaining an elegant look.

Finish off with a sophisticated hair accessory. It’s a seemingly simple baby shower hairstyle, but it works wonders.

Full Low Ponytail Baby Shower Hairstyle

Full Low Ponytail - Baby Shower Hairstyle

Don’t try an old ponytail with long hairs baby shower hairstyle. This voluminous ponytail has a lot of styles, from the center part that makes up the pony to the big, soft waves. Leave two small strands of hair open for frame your face. This hairdo makes you look attractive and pretty for baby shower.

Half-Up Dutch Braids Baby Shower Hairstyle

A half-up Dutch braid is a great hairstyle for the baby shower event. Some might think it’s not perfect for a baby shower, but it is. These braids aren’t funky, superfluous, or boring.

They have the perfect balance of class and elegance. Half-up Dutch braids are special in their own way. These braids look great with dresses and T-shirts.

Half-Up Dutch Braids - Baby Shower Hairstyle

You can mix and match your outfits with this hairstyle and look event-ready in no time. If you’re considering this hairstyle, we guarantee you won’t regret your decision.

Short Soft Waves Baby Shower Hairstyle

Short Soft Waves - Baby Shower Hairstyle

Creating softness is perfect for short baby shower hairstyles. Try curling the ends of your hair away from your face to draw attention to your beautiful cheekbones. The sides are like delicate icing on the cake.

Isn’t wavy hair perfect on its own? This hairstyle is probably the easiest one, but it’s so elegant and gorgeous. For some people, this hairstyle is very natural and requires little effort to achieve it.

Straight-haired people use curlers to create this regal wavy hair. Must make. You don’t have to do much if you can reach a beautiful wave. Once the waves are created, you should use a setting spray to keep the hairstyle in place until after the baby shower.

Long Fishtail Braid Baby Shower Hairstyle

Long Fishtail Braid - Baby Shower Hairstyle

No matter which black baby shower hairstyle you choose, this long fishtail braid is a great option. Perfect for outdoor environments as it keeps you cool in style. Add a pretty flower crown for extra detail.

Ribbon Up-do Baby Shower Hairstyle

Ribbon up-do Elegant & Easy Baby Shower Hairstyles

Lots of mothers to be choose an up do hairstyle for baby shower. This ribbon look is stylish but will also keep you cool during the big event. To add extra emphasis to your look, create height at the top of the forehead.

Perfect Bow Baby Shower Hairstyle

perfect bow-Elegant & Easy Baby Shower Hairstyles

How fitting is this sweet bow style? This style is perfect for the neat and and clean mama who enjoys showing off her feminine side. The bow should sit at the top of the back of the head and the knot should be centered in the middle.

This simple beautiful hairstyle is an absolutely gorgeous hairstyle and you can wear it for your baby’s shower without having to back down.

Soft Curly Style Baby Shower Hairstyle

soft curly hairstyle-Elegant & Easy Baby Shower Hairstyles

Soft curls are so suitable for a lovely baby shower brunch. Create beautiful cascading waves all over but pin back the center section of hair at the top of the head. This will make for an easy occasion without having to fuss over your hair.

Waterfall Braid Crown Baby Shower Hairstyle

Waterfall Braid Crown-Elegant & Easy Baby Shower Hairstyles

If you like to let your hair down, a delicate waterfall braided crown might be the style for you. Instead of letting the knotted braid run the length of your hair, twist it into a circular detail and add a pearl pin in the center. We love how it brings new life with its bird’s nest-inspired style.

Ponytail with Braid Baby Shower Hairstyle

The braided ponytail is an impressive hairstyle for baby shower. We often disagree about wearing certain hairstyles. It may seem like too little or too much for some people, but they are likely to change their minds once they receive it.
ponytail with braid-Elegant & Easy Baby Shower Hairstyles
Braided ponytails are also perfect hairstyle for baby shower events and wedding invitations too. This style goes well with any outfit easily. Pair with a long slit dress and white stilettos. A perfect pairing that goes beautifully together. This hairstyle makes you look very young and hides fine lines on your face so well that it can make you feel like your age is reversed.