Let’s find out the recommended apps for free templates for Instagram stories!

If you’re a person who uses Instagram frequently, creating and posting stories is a daunting task.
You can even add stickers and apply appropriate filters to add stylish, animated text.
However, it is important to know that in order to use Instagram Stories for marketing, it is more effective to be creative if you are a little creative than posting them in the usual way.

There is a story template app that helps you create such an effective story without any special work, so please decorate your story differentiated from others by using an app that fits your content concept.

Top 6 free template apps for creating Instagram stories

The template app supports not only general Polaroid-style layouts, but also various concept layouts, including colorful collages, so you can create a special story that is distinct from others.

Story creation free template APP (app)

1. INSTA STORY[Android]

The first template app to be introduced is an app called’Insta Story’.
It is a template that can be posted with a description when taking various photos during a trip. It has excellent color, and the frames are neatly classified with a simple interface, so you can easily apply frames.

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Add photos and edit text from your phone’s photo library.

Top 6 free template apps for creating Instagram stories
Top 6 free template apps for creating Instagram stories

When you’re done, save the image to your gallery and post it using your target hashtag.

Insta Story has free and paid templates, but the free templates alone are enough to make your story post stand out.

2. UNFOLD[iOS & Android]

IOS users who are looking for a lot of new things are interested in this app. This app has a rating of 4.9 on the App Store, and it is described as an application with a nice template.

It offers a variety of styles, from classic Polaroid frames to retro film frames and neat collages. You can create single stories and multiple stories on Instagram.

Top 6 free template apps for creating Instagram stories
Top 6 free template apps for creating Instagram stories

You can complete your work and share it directly to your Instagram Stories.

The UNFOLD app has 25 free templates and about 90 paid templates, making it an attractive app just for free.

3. SELFISSIMO[iOS & Android]

Selfissimo is a unique way to take selfies in black and white, automatically capturing different selfies in different poses.
This captured image helps you create new story posts by tilting the frame in the story and adjusting the color blocks.

4. CANVA[iOS & Android]

Canva is famous for not only story templates, but also a tool that supports a variety of templates for general social media.
You can change the boring Instagram font and use various templates.
It also offers a wide range of categories such as discount events, summer, travel and more.

You can specify the template you want to use and keep an existing background image or choose an image from the gallery.
You can also change the font style and add your own text.

Canva has a lot of free templates, making it the most recommended app that is loved by people looking for free templates.

Top 6 free template apps for creating Instagram stories
Top 6 free template apps for creating Instagram stories

5. OVER[Android]

If you’re looking to create a branded channel on Instagram, OVER is a great app.
There is no standout library like Canva, but there are a number of templates that currently stand out.
It can take a lot of time to find a template you like with templates made with attractive graphics in striking colors.

You can use overs to change the background image, correct colors, and make your story stand out with detailed settings.

Top 6 free template apps for creating Instagram stories
Top 6 free template apps for creating Instagram stories

By touching the image, you can rearrange the layer in a drag-and-drop format.

You must carefully select and use paid and free templates, and after installing the app, you will see a 7-day free use pop-up that allows you to use all the templates. Please test with.

6. STORY MAKER[Android]

The last story template app to be introduced today is’Story Maker’. This app is similar to the’Inta Story’ app and offers an impressive collection of templates that stand out.

In addition,’Story Maker’ provides custom filters to visually enhance the image.

Story Maker is free, but it has the inconvenience of showing ads unconditionally when you select a template to edit.

Even so, if I can create story content of this quality, I think I can afford it.

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And Story Maker is a highly recommended template app that is better suited to Instagram beginners.

The Instagram Stories are popular with original photos and videos.
If you want to effectively maintain steady Instagram marketing, we recommend uploading story content regularly.

Among the free Instagram Stories template apps that I introduced today, I personally recommend’ Canva’, the fourth one, and’Story Maker’, the sixth.