2021 Social Media Strategy


Social media management platform Hootsuite recently released ‘Social Trends 2021’, its fifth annual report on the latest global trends in social media. The report analyzes where social media is heading in 2021, especially considering the changes in consumer behavior in 2020 due to epidemics and other growing global anxiety. The Hootsuite study focused on “Search, Connect, and Entertainment”, highlighting that brands can leverage the resources provided by social media platforms to extend their reach to consumers and grow their brand image.

“2021, Seven Social Media Tips”

As advertising costs gradually shift to digital and mobile platforms, advertisers must maximize the value of social media. And as the pandemic progresses, brands must react quickly to build loyalty with consumers. Social media will play a pivotal role in building and maintaining consumer relationships next year. Here are seven summaries excerpted from the Hootsuite Social Trends 2021 report. (Respondents consisted of 1,189 marketing experts)

1. Digital Platform Favorites

Despite the tough times, 60% of growth and research marketing professionals say they have plans to increase their Instagram budget. He also mentioned that “half of them plan to do so with Facebook/Youtube.” Instagram had the highest number of user growth in the third quarter of 2020, with “a 7.1% increase in ad reach” over the same period. (Interestingly, TikTok, which was very popular in 2020, was not rated as a priority.)

2. Acquiring Customers with Social Media

The upheaval of 2020 slowed the business growth of many brands and made customer acquisition an important goal for advertisers next year. . According to the Hootsuite survey, “73% of all marketers rank ‘increased new customer acquisition’ as the best performance in the social sector in 2021.” This was “a 58% increase over the previous year versus just 46% last year.”

3. Consumer Accessibility in Social Markets

E-commerce will continue to boom in 2021. Live streams and short format videos that rely on social media platforms will increase in 2021, giving digital advertisers more opportunities for direct consumer access. Various consumer touchpoints play an important role in brand growth and engagement. And by embedding shopping links into social media advertising campaigns, including live and virtual events, advertisers can reach more consumers on more channels.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a good choice for advertisers looking to increase their social media presence as many young consumers prefer to get recommendations from colleagues and influencers rather than directly from the brand. Jim Habig, head of global business marketing at Pinterest, said, “If you don’t have the impulsive moments for people to spontaneously get something when making a payment, referrals from trusted creators can be a source of inspiration.”

5. Listening on Social Media With

multiple crises in 2020, advertisers have had to respond appropriately to avoid being overly sentimental, dishonest, or disregarding consumer voices. For digital advertisers, taking into account the larger social issues is critical to gaining consumer trust and increasing engagement. Taking the time to figure out what consumers want can help you understand their needs and interests. The Hootsuite report highlights. “In 2021, we will understand how the most sensible brands will fit into their customers’ lives on social media. And instead of leading the conversation, they’ll find creative ways to ‘fit the conversation’ to create content.”

6. Not only 2030 use social media

Online mobility for consumers in recent years includes baby boomers. Many of these people have embraced e-commerce and other internet use as needed in 2020, and now they are likely to follow new online habits. Hootsuite said, “Markers in 2021 cannot overlook the previous generation on social media. By using smart segmentation and thoughtful expression, marketers who include baby boomers in their digital strategy can go beyond those who are still stuck in stereotypes.” Says.

7. Integration of Consumers and Social Media Users

Social media advertising has grown to become an indispensable element for many brands, but understanding who responds to ads within social media platforms continues to plague digital advertisers. In a separate study on social transformation, Hootsuite said, “Of the 2,162 marketers and executives, 54% are unsure that social media followers are more valuable customers than non-participating customers.”

As with any Social Media Strategy, advertisers distributing social media campaigns must stick to the company spirit and tone & manners of the message. When reaching out to new consumers, any disrespectful publicity or forced attempts will fail. Instead, brands need to find relationships with consumers by listening, spending time getting to know them, and not being afraid to get the right new audience. Many of the strategies that worked in 2020 will continue to succeed in 2021. But in 2021, brands can mature their social media efforts, increase loyalty, and increase engagement to increase revenue.