My Wifi TV Review and Features

My wifi Tv

My WIFI TV – The Best Streaming App For Everyone When you’re looking for an easy, free way to solve the problem of watching Live TV with limited internet access, try My Wifi TV. This free app has several benefits including the capability to watch live sports and television shows, movies, and other programming online. I’ll tell you more about it now.

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MyWifi Tv is User friendly (My WIFI TV )

My Wifi TV is an IPTV service. It offers worldwide services. My WifiTV gives you access to many live TV channels on a subscription basis. You can get more than 4000 channels using this MyWifi TV service. You can also get content from different genres from different channels. For example, on the My Wifi TV service, you can get science, news, sports, cooking, kids, adults, and more through several channels.

My WifiTV also works seamlessly with external media. My WifiTV also provides radio station service to customers. In fact, you can get a great streaming service experience here. Instead, you get a lot of features here like HD streaming, small app size, ease of use, and more.

My wifi Tv Compatibility

My Wifi TV is compatible with Android, Firestick, Windows, Shield, NVidia Shield, and more. You can use MyWifi TV mainly with an Mx player, VLC media player, Wuffy media player, etc.

Specs of My Wifi Tv

  • TV Channels: My wifi tv contains 200 TV Channels
  • On-Demand Content: It has a feature of on-demand Movies and TV Shows
  • Supported Devices: Supported by Android, Windows or Mac PC, iOS, Firestick, and Smart TV devices.
  • External Player: No
  • EPG Support: Yes
  • Free Trial: No

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My Wifi TV Review and Features

My Wifi Tv Price plan

Emphatically, MyWifi TV has four types of affordable and the best Subscription plans for the users. Indeed, in this portion, we will discuss the four types of subscription plans for My Wifi TV.

1. My Wifi TV Plan

By choosing this plan, you can get,

  • 2000+ Channels.
  • High-quality content like HD, SD, 1080p.
  • Highest uptime.
  • Can access MyWifi TV on Two devices at a time.
  • You can watch Unlimited movies and videos.
  • The cost of this subscription is $25 per month.

2. My Wifi TV Plan

By choosing the second plan of MyWifi TV, you can get many benefits like the First plan, including some additional advantages.

  • 2000+ Channels
  • with high-quality content like HD, SD, and 1080p.
  • The most expended uptime
  • Can access MyWifi TV on three devices at a time
  • You can watch Unlimited movies and videos.
  • The cost of this subscription is $35 per month.

3. My Wifi TV Plan

From the third plan, you can get the following benefits.

  • 2000+ Channels
  • with excellent-quality content like HD, SD, and 1080p.
  • Maximum uptime
  • Can access My Wifi TV on Four Screens at a time
  • You can watch Unlimited movies and videos.
  • The cost of this subscription is $45 per month.

4. My Wifi TV Plan

If you subscribe to the fourth plan of MyWifi TV, you can get the following things. they are,

  • 2000+ Channels
  • with such as excellent-quality content like HD, SD, and 1080p.
  • Can get 98% Uptime.
  • Can access MyWifi TV on Five screens at a time
  • You can watch Unlimited movies and videos.
  • The cost of this subscription is $55 per month.

My Wifi TV

Watch My wifi tv on Android

Mainly, a separate application for MyWifi TV is not available. So, you can download MyWifi TV on your Android device using My Wifi TV’s Apk link. Instead, you can learn the process of downloading MyWifi TV on your Android device in this section. As a result, the following techniques are correctly guided.

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Watch Live TV From Your Laptop Or Notebook – Find Out More About My WiFi TV

Watch My WiFi TV on Smart TV

It is necessary to sideload the My WiFi TV APK file on your Smart TV to access IPTV content.

1. On your Android Smart TV, open the Settings menu.

Open the Settings menu on your TV


2. From the menu, select the Device Preferences option.

3. Further, choose the Security and Restrictions option.

4. Choose the Unknown Sources option.

Enable Unknown Sources to access My WiFi TV

5. Open a web browser and search for the My WiFi TV APK file.

6. Download the APK file and copy the file to any USB drive.

7. Disconnect the USB drive from the computer and connect it to your TV.

Connect USB drive to TV

8. Open any File Manager and install the APK file on your Smart TV.

9. Open the IPTV app and sign in to your device to access the channel playlist.

Features of My wifi tv

IPTV Support

This application is supported with IPTV technology that will let you access more than 200 TV channels right from your phone. This feature is really helpful for those scenarios where you are limited to accessing only a few TV channels.

No Geographical Restrictions

So you will find out the content over multiple channels from all over the world without any geographical restriction. No restriction over the geographical location will be imposed off. In short, this application is the best solution for accessing content from all over the world.

User-friendly Interface

The interface of this application is the same as any video streaming application where you will find out different categories to search through.

HD screen Support

Not only this, this application will provide you content with an HD screen where you can set the resolution and the quality of the video according to your need.

Compact Size

Being so compact this application will never make you disturb and bother about the storage issue of your device.

Without any storage issues, you can easily install and use this application without getting into the deletion of the media from your phone.


The only basic requirement for this application to be installed on any Android device is having an Android operating system version 4.0 and above. Other than that it does not require any high-end device to be installed on.

Any Android device having operating system 4.0 and above that will show compatibility for this application.

Support Radio

Also, this application provides one of the best features which is the use and access of the live radio of the UK, that is you can hear the live radio stream that has been streamed from the UK directly.

Auto Update software

One of the amazing features of this application is its auto-update where it will start auto-update right after its update will be available. No need to manually get into the update of this application.

Last words About Mywifi Tv

MyWifi TV is no doubt the best application to get access to many TV channels, without any geographical restrictions.

This application will provide you tons of features including live TV channels and live radio streaming. More than all this application has the basic interface to use over without any technical knowledge.

Download Mywifi Tv