Is Charter Cable TV Worth It?


Cable TV is considered a major source of entertainment for many Americans. Currently millions of people have subscribed to different cable TV service providers to watch their favorite shows and to stay updated with what is happening around the world.

When it comes to cable TV, Charter is among the biggest names in the industry. It offers services through a coaxial cable connection and has everythinga from the very basic to the most premium channels such as Starz, HBO, TMC, and NFL.

However, many new customers are concerned about the fact that whether it is worth paying over $50 every month to get Charter cable or should they go for some other service providers. To find that out, we will be looking at all the charter TV plans, benefits that are offered with those plans, the cost of equipment that customers would be paying, and the cost of signing up. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

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Charter Cable TV plans and Prices

For cable TV services, charter Spectrum majorly offers three plans. These plans include TV Select, Silver, and Gold. With these plans, customers get access to hundreds of channels while the prices depend on the plan that you opt for and the equipment that you choose.

  • TV Select

This is the first and comparatively the most economical plan offered by Charter for its cable TV customers. With this plan, customers get access to more than 125 channels that include every category from sports to kids’ cartoons. So, it does not matter what age group your family members are from, there will be an abundance of options for them to choose from and watch.


Along with that, there are thousands of on-demand choices for customers to explore and watch. There is also the Spectrum TV App that customers can use to stream live TV using their smart devices.

TV Select starts at $44.99 per month while the price is generally good for the next 12 months. Customers can also get 24-month pricing when they sign up for the bundles, but that depends on the promotions at the time of signing up.

  • TV Silver

The second option that Charter offers for customers who are interested in cable TV is the Silver plan. This plan offers more channels than the Select and includes various premium channels such as HBO and Showtime. So, if you are interested in having these channels with your plan, TV Silver is the one you should opt for.

This plan offers 175+ channels and ads value for the customers by offering channels such as DIY Network, Cooking Channel, CBS Sports, Disney Junior, the Game Show Network, FS2, LMN, Golf Channel, and many more aside from the channels offered through the Select Plan.

Moreover, the cost of this plan is $74.99 per month while the equipment charges and the broadcast fee surcharge are not included.

  • TV Gold

TV Gold is the third and the last cable TV option for cable TV lovers that offers more than 200 channels. This plan is a perfect option for such customers who like to watch premium content and do not want to miss out on anything.

With this plan, they will get channels like Starz, HBO, Showtime, TMC, NHL, BET Her, BeIN Sports, Crime & Investigation, Destination America, IndiePlex, Logo, MAV TV, MTV Classic,  Nicktoons, The Cowboy Channel, and several others.

As for the monthly price, Charter TV Gold starts at $94.99 per month and that price is good for the next 12 months.

The benefits of Charter Cable TV

Charter cable TV offers certain benefits with the services that give it a competitive edge and make it attractive for customers. These benefits include;

  • No Contract Plans

Charter offers services without any term-commitments. That means customers are not bound to have services for any specific period and can cancel whenever they want. Moreover, there are no price differences from the contract or no-contract plans compared to many well-known providers that charge over $20 every month for offering plans without contracts.

  • Access to HD Channels

With Charter cable TV, customers are offered channels in High Definition which makes it better to watch and more enjoyable.

If you are tired of watching TV in bad video quality, the Spectrum HD channel line-up is going to blow you away.

  • Free TV App

Another great perk of having Charter TV is the option to download and access live TV through the app. This allows customers to stream services on smart TVs without having any TV boxes and accessing their favorite shows through tablets and smartphones.

  • On-Demand Choices

Along with an extensive channel line-up, charter cable TV customers also get access to on-demand choices that they can add through their TV app or by calling customer support. So, in case there is something specific that you would like to watch, you can add it to your plan through on-demand choices.

Cost of Equipment for Cable TV

Another major turn-off for the customers is the huge cost every month that comes by signing up for the cable TV services. However, with Charter cable TV, these costs are comparatively very low. For instance, each cable box costs customers $7.99 every month which is over $10 with a majority of the service providers.

Besides that, if customers want to get DVR service along with the cable boxes, they can add that to their plan for an additional $4.99 per month for one box or $10 for up to 4 cable boxes.

Cost of Sign Up

The sign-up cost is the one-time cost that customers pay in terms of installation, activation, or purchasing the equipment.

With Charter, the cost of professional installation is $49.99 while customers can also choose the option of store pick-up or delivery and set everything by themselves. Moreover, there is no activation charge when it comes to cable TV service.

The Final Take

If we compare Charter cable TV to other service providers, it is totally worth it. Not just because the plans are cost-effective and offer value, but also because certain benefits are offered for free while others charge a handsome amount for them. Moreover, the sign-up cost is not a huge problem as there are other options available to avoid such costs.