How to promote a channel on YouTube?


Users often look for information in videos. The visual format is easier to read than text or audio. Videos attract the attention of the viewer, convey the necessary information to him, convince and sell. Your own channel is a great platform for promoting your business.

Today we will tell you how to create and promote a channel without having to constantly buy YouTube views.

How to get user attention

This will help you:

  • cutting interesting moments in the trailer;
  • live, emotional communication with the audience;
  • dynamic narrative without long screensavers and static scenes.

If possible, remove all elements that are not related to its essence. This will reduce the timing, but increase engagement, as the most interesting and important information for the audience will remain.

How to start a promotion

Before you start promotion, you need to do preparatory work.

Decide on the theme and concept of the new channel. Decide how often your content will be released, what will be the design. Another important point is the purpose of the channel. Decide in advance what the indicator of achievement of the goal will be.

It is also important to remember about:

  • target audience and its needs;
  • chips and features of the channel that will distinguish it from others;
  • an attractive cover that tells about the theme of the channel.

Before you start promoting, upload some good quality content. They should have a consistent style of storytelling and design so that viewers can appreciate the features of the channel. You may need to buy real YouTube views for this video to get at least some coverage.

Video Requirements

Please review the requirements before posting. There are only three of them.

Presentation style

It must match the voice of the brand. So, if a company prefers to be friendly and open, and communicate informally with customers, it should follow the same strategy on the channel. The optimal format for such a business is expert.

Lighting and background

The leader should occupy a central place in the frame, his figure should be evenly lit. Position the light source in front of the presenter and raise slightly. This will allow the person to come to the fore and make the image deeper. If the picture is static, dilute it with details.

Sound and video quality

The built-in microphone of headphones or a computer is not suitable for expert content because they do not record sound well enough. Use professional equipment.

Videos of a commercial nature are posted with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The higher the resolution of the video, the clearer and more detailed the content will be.

Benefits of short videos

Short videos help users to take a break from information saturation. The optimal video length is 2-3 minutes. However, if the content and plot of the video do not allow meeting this time, you should not cut out useful information and interesting inserts from it.

When creating promotional content, try not to stretch the plot: the chance that the viewer will watch a 30-second video to the end is higher than in the case of advertising for 5 or 10 minutes.

Why the content stock is important

A stock of content is necessary for the effective maintenance of a YouTube channel. When videos are released regularly, the blog does not lose its audience and attracts new subscribers.