How to Style Leggings: The Fashion Do’s and Don’ts


    Did you know that leggings date back to the 14th century? Men were the first to wear them!

    Today, women and men alike can grab a pair of leggings and wear them in style. It can feel overwhelming picking out a style since the last thing you want to do is a fashion faux pas!

    You might be wondering how to style leggings. Whether you’re looking for some fresh or creative ideas, read on to find fashion do’s and don’ts when it comes to leggings!

    Neon Leggings

    When you’re wondering what to wear with leggings, go with a blazer! Make it fun by pairing neon leggings with a neutral blazer. Choose an oversized blazer to be in this season, and pair it with boots.

    Sail Away

    Whether heading on a cruise or through town, go with all-navy attire. Pick a sheer legging and pair them with a navy shirt and jacket.

    Go with a neutral-colored pair of shoes or boots. Don’t forget about silver jewelry to neutralize the blues.

    Heavy Metal Fun

    Get in touch with your inner rocker by pairing metallic leggings with a black jacket. If you don’t have a black jacket, go with a sheer blouse.

    You can even tie the blouse at your waist. Choose your favorite rocker shoes or go with flats for warmer climates. Pair it with a fun purse that has tassels.

    Fashion Don’ts

    Don’t pair your leggings with a cropped top. Instead, go with a jacket or sweater. Avoid leggings that are too flashy or shiny.

    How To Wear Leggings

    Don’t be afraid to have multiple layers on your top. Whether you’re combining blouses, vests, or other styles, you have options.

    Combine your leggings with long jackets or shirts. Black leggings look excellent with a bright-colored or neutral shirt.

    Pair your leggings with boots. Whether you go with high-heeled or riding boots is up to you. You could even pair dark-colored boots with your black leggings.

    To dress up your leggings, go with a fancy jacket. To keep it casual, pair your jacket with sneakers. Don’t forget to wear colorful jewelry, especially if you’re wearing darker outfits.

    For a comfortable look, pair sneakers with your leggings. Choose an oversized tee to complete the look. Keep jewelry to a minimum.

    When to Not Wear Leggings

    Leggings should never be used for fancy events. They’re best for casual events and workouts.

    Never wear them to black-tie events, funerals, weddings, anniversaries, etc. In the summertime, you can skip wearing leggings since it’s warmer. It also won’t keep you warm in the winter months.

    Understanding How to Style Leggings

    After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to style leggings. Take your time coming up with the perfect outfit for casual events and workouts.

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