How to Increase Youtube Channel Subscribers- Tested Method


21 practical ways to increase channel subscribers

The reason why it is important to increase YouTube subscribers is that video is currently leading the field of content marketing services.

YouTube is currently the premier platform for video blogging and video sharing and video marketing, and is a search site.

It is a free video platform service provided by Google that is used by billions of people around the world.

Facebook and Twitter have recently recognized the content effect of the video and released it, but it has not reached the influence of YouTube.

If you’re interested in video content and you currently have a YouTube channel, you might be wondering how to get more subscribers and how to increase your YouTube video reach.

YouTube has over 1 billion visitors per month, and every uploaded video has a matching audience.

Whether it’s a video made for fun, a foodie, a fashionista, or a makeup review video, it is the best video consumption platform service with a variety of potential customers.

21 ways to increase your YouTube channel subscribers

1. Add watermark to video

YouTube is another way for viewers to subscribe to your channel, so you can pursue a watermark that always appears on all your videos.

Go to the YouTube branding page and add your own watermark.

How to Increase Youtube Channel Subscribers- Tested Method

There are several options for displaying the watermark, you can also remove the existing watermark and update the new watermark.
I used the logo as a watermark for the first time and later changed it to a “subscribe” icon and the number of subscribers increased.
You can download the “Subscribe” png file below and use it as a watermark.

2. Configure your YouTube account defaults

This is a way you can use to add subscription notifications to any video, just like branding, YouTube can add preferences to all future uploads.

You can use this feature to ask your visitors to subscribe to any video .

To configure your account defaults, you need to go to the YouTube main page and add a description that will appear on all videos.
This default is the default description used for all video footage.

3. Add channel URL with SML magic string

We recommend adding “?sub_confirmation=1″ to your channel link to quickly increase YouTube subscriptions for people who click on your channel link.

When a user clicks on the link with the SML magic string “?sub_confirmation=1″, a pop-up will appear allowing you to quickly subscribe to the YouTube channel.

This way, you can quickly increase your subscribers before the middle selection process.

If you’re adding a link to your YouTube channel in tip 2 to increase your subscribers, blogs, social media, and other locations, consider using SML magic strings.

4. Video planning and script creation

The first step to getting started with YouTube is to plan how you will run your channel under what concept.
Then you need to make a composition plan, such as filming or editing videos.
You should choose the areas you are interested in and do well, and you need to constantly study and focus.
Don’t imitate popular YouTube channels.

To be successful on YouTube, it’s important to do what you love.
Also, if you write scripts efficiently to organize your videos, you can avoid dealing with irrelevant topics and improve the flow of topics.
By following the script, you can create a video with a clear topic.
Please include as much detail as possible in your video script.

* The exact words you will say.

* Actions to be taken in the video.

* An important point to be emphasized.

* Call to action required (such as “Click this link and subscribe to my channel!”)

You need to understand and write a script that fits your topic.

Find out who your video viewers are and use the appropriate language for them.

Do they know exactly the subject and are well versed?

Are there any special words they use?

Do you have professional knowledge?

Do they want something fun or beneficial?

5. Create attractive content

This tip doesn’t have to be explained, but it should be interesting, informative, and entertaining.
The number of subscribers will decrease if you leave the subject of engaging content during the operation of the channel.
The most popular content is fun and informative content.

As with any kind of content marketing, what’s important in video content marketing is informative and fun videos are the most preferred and liked.
Before publishing your video, make sure it’s valuable to your viewers and if it helps.

6. Increase the frequency of video uploads!

Needless to say, having to upload videos often is an important part.
In fact, it’s easy to say, but it’s not easy to set a topic, write and organize scripts to create informative, fun content.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that someone subscribes to a channel because they have videos they want to watch on that channel, and they want to see more videos in the future.
YouTube subscribers don’t like channels that don’t generate content, and they want content that is consistently uploaded and entertaining.

You should be able to create channels that meet the needs of your subscribers.
You need to build long-term relationships and trust with your subscribers through steady content uploads.
Content should be distributed systematically and periodically.

Post one video per week, or register at least two content per month.

Don’t forget to schedule your posting and upload your videos according to that schedule.
Subscribers visit the channel with the feeling of watching a TV series and continue to visit with a consistent viewer.

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7. How to Optimize Your Title

The biggest criterion for a YouTube video’s success depends on its visibility.
One of the ways you use to make your video stand out is to give your video a new title that excites you.

This way, a lot of people will visit your channel just out of curiosity.
However, to get a lot of views, you need to apply the optimization (SEO) part of YouTube marketing.
Let’s look at some tips for optimizing your titles to increase your video’s reach.

-Use keywords in the title
: It has influenced the past, but has a great influence on the video now.

Google crawlers don’t watch your videos the way they read blog posts, so you can put keywords in the title and the Google bot can get information about your video.

– Use Google Adwords to identify what people are searching for on the web
: Create videos with the perfect combination of high-volume and highly competitive competition

-The title is simple and clear
: Google only allows video titles up to 66 characters, which is disadvantageous for search. Ideal video titles should be 50 characters or less (1 character each for consonants and vowels).

-Put a description in the title : It can be contradictory, but you should put
keywords in the title and a short description accordingly to make your prospects predictable and curious.

Ex) 100% real tip to increase YouTube subscribers! / How to make abs just by walking

-Make the title interesting
: As explained above, using a clever title will drive more people to click, and the higher the number of clicks, the higher your ranking.

– Do not use the words “video” or “video” in the title.
: It only increases the length of the title and doesn’t help you rank up on the YouTube search engine at all. However, it may affect general search engines.

That’s why research on how to write an optimized title that’s clear, interesting and relevant.

8. Make the most of channel customization

If you want visitors to your channel to trust your brand on YouTube, you should make the most of the customization options provided by YouTube.
Make your channel look professional and make sure your viewers respect and trust it.

Having custom channel art made for YouTube will help you build your brand.
With a little effort, anyone can create great channel art.

If you’re not sure, please follow the’YouTube Channel Art Creation Guide’ in the previous post of SNS Factory .


If you’re already running a blog or site, using a custom background header with some design elements such as a blog can be consistent and look more professional.

To make the most of your channel’s customization, please use’Create a YouTube custom channel URL’ .

You can make the URL short and accurate, and make it easier to remember.

To create a custom channel URL, you have the following basic requirements:

– 100 or more subscribers

– At least 30 days after opening the channel

– Channel icon image upload completed

– Channel art upload completed

9. Create video thumbnail

When uploading a video, you need to describe each video and create visually visible thumbnails.


Creating and using thumbnails as custom thumbnails increases your video’s click-through rate, and custom video thumbnails with special effects inform viewers of what your video is about.

10. Create an engaging channel trailer

YouTube provides a feature called channel trailers, so you can play videos automatically when you open a channel.


Channel trailers are a great feature that keeps engaging visitors on an ongoing basis and increases potential subscribers.

The most suitable channel trailer is a video between 30 and 60 seconds, and should contain content that can be promoted quickly and dynamically without the viewer getting bored.
Be aware that lengthy trailers can be boring or drop potential subscribers.

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11. Call to action CTA (Call To Action)

Call-to-action pop-ups appearing in YouTube videos are one of the great features that help creators increase their subscribers.

You can place a simple pink created to subscribe to your channel as a’call to action’ in your video.

By creating and applying a call-to-action card to your viewers, you can turn more people into subscribers.

However, CTA services must meet the basic conditions, as you must join the YouTube Partner Program to connect.

joining condition

– Reached 4,000 hours of viewing time in the last 12 months

– 1,000 or more subscribers

– You must have a linked AdSense account.

12. Use the right video creation tool

There are a number of great video creation tools that can help you create your video.

Using tools to help promote your video can help you increase your viewership, and that’s also a way to get more audiences.

13. Make it easy for people to find channels

YouTube creates a’Youtube Subscribe Link Button’ that connects you to the official channel and posts it on a web page.

Put a button in a visually conspicuous location so people who visit your website can be interested and visit your YouTube channel.

This can have the same effect as adding a website or blog URL in the channel settings of your YouTube page, and adding a’subscribe’ button somewhere on your blog and website will allow you to attract more people to your YouTube channel as subscribers.

“How to add a YouTube channel art link”

14. Video length is limited to less than 5 minutes

YouTube has a lot of detailed, in-depth reviews and lengthy content, but to increase conversion rates, your video should be less than 5 minutes long.

Comscore, a company specializing in online analytics solutions, reported in January 2014 that YouTube videos averaged about 4.4 minutes in length.

That doesn’t mean that you should make a video that is too short. It’s less than 5 minutes, but you should create an informative and fun video.

15. YouTube Introduction and Outro Use

YouTube intros and outtros help branding and energize your videos.
Having an introductory video and an ending outro can help you brand your channel as well as give your video a professional look.
A compelling introductory video can reduce bounce rates with anticipation for the video that follows.

You can see an example of’SNS Factory Channel’ below.

16. Invest time in video editing

Before posting YouTube videos, take the time to edit them and post only the best videos.
If you make rough edits to keep the schedule, damage may occur to the entire channel.

When shooting a video, shoot a large amount and select only the best part of it.
If you’re not sure about the footage you’ve taken, you’ll have to shoot it over and over again.

To activate your YouTube channel and increase your subscribers, you need to learn video editing skills.

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17. Video description optimization

To optimize your YouTube video, please use keywords and phrases in your description.

Descriptive videos can be quickly found on search engines and provide potential subscribers with information about the video’s content.

When you search for a video, only the first 2 to 3 lines are displayed, so be careful that too long or detailed explanations are meaningless.

18. Make the most of meta tags

Use the Google Keyword Planner to get keyword ideas related to your YouTube keywords .

You can add all of the relevant keywords to your video and make them searchable by both Google and YouTube search engines.

Excessive use of keywords can limit exposure, but some keywords can affect your ranking.
Meta tags play an important role in exposing your videos to search results, so you can explore videos that are well exposed and get an idea of ​​which meta tags were used.
However, don’t copy-paste meta tags. Doing this can be harmful.

19. The ending of the video is always strong

No matter what the video is, it should be done so that it can draw attention to the video.
End your video in a memorable way, like the end of a conversation.
It’s also a good idea to instruct potential customers to like or subscribe to your video, or to visit a site operated by your channel.
It’s also a good idea to let your viewers know your contacts or encourage them to chat.

“If you don’t ask or ask, the other person always refuses.”

End the video and don’t forget to thank your viewers as if you were always talking with confidence.

20. Collaborate with other YouTube video creators

Collaboration has become commonplace among renowned content creators in recent years, and collaboration is mutually beneficial.

Contact similar content creators in your field and ask them to create informative and fun content together.

It is a way to create content that will increase new audiences and win-win for both viewers and creators.

21. Exchange with interested subscribers

You should respond to comments on your videos and always make them feel interested in your viewers, which is both a way to build trust and an expression of respect for them.

In addition to this, we encourage you to attract subscribers by mentioning the giveaway event, or pay attention to how to increase subscribers through activity on the social media platform involved