How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost? The Prices Explained


A tummy tuck is not a light decision. The tummy tuck cost is an even heavier one.

The first thing you have to do is see if it’s covered by your insurance.

If your insurance does not approve the surgery, then you are now looking at paying for everything out of pocket. This shouldn’t deter you from your goal. You simply need to know what you’re getting into financially.

Insurance Won’t Pay the Tummy Tuck Cost?

Exact prices will depend on the facility and doctors, but this is what you should expect and why.

Surgeon’s Fee

Starting with the heavy hitters, you have the surgeon’s fee.

This price will be in the thousands, averaging around $5,000-$6,000. There are certain factors that go into what that number will be. These include your surgeon’s experience level, where they work, and your individual case.

Those like tummy tuck surgeon, Dr. Rady Rahban, will have to evaluate you before locking down any price. But overall fees still apply.

Facility’s Fee

The next heavy hitter is the facility. This is where you will be having the surgery. That is to say, this is where you’ll be charged for what was used for you, your stay, and your procedure. So, they’ll be charging you regardless.

But the dollar number depends on your case. If you’re able to go in-and-out without staying overnight, then your bill will only increase an average of $1,500-$2,000. If not, then it can increase to $10,000 or more.

This is where your budget needs to have the most wiggle room.

It is also the most unpredictable. There are always risks with surgery, and the risk of unexpected cost is a major one. Complications in surgery often fall on the facility to either solve or handle. You will be billed for it after.

Anesthesiologist’s Fee

Next, you need to budget for the anesthesiologist’s fee.

Anesthesiology is its own specialty. Even though it is needed for surgery, it is not technically a part of the surgical staff. So, every surgery has its own anesthesiologist fee.

Your anesthesiologist can warn you of your pricing and billing. But it’s safe to budget at least a couple more thousand dollars. This is because they charge $60-$64 per unit of anesthetics.

This is also why you won’t get an exact cost number until after the surgery. They can predict how many units it will take, but no one will know for sure until it’s done.


Finally, from there, you have the cost of your appointments.

If your insurance isn’t helping out, every consultation is up to you. And follow-up appointments are on your dime. It can be a cost from your facility or your surgeon, but it is separate from the original procedure itself.

Know the Prices and Why

By learning why you are charged what, you can make better decisions for your tummy tuck costs. You can also make your budget a lot more accurate. Visit most posts on Pitty Things to do the same in other areas of your life!