Home Layout: A Collection of 21st Century Ideas


I would like to provide ideas for decorating the homeroom as a comfortable and intimate space. Let’s complete the best home decor without expert help.

The most important element in the bedroom is the bed. Once you have the bed in the master bedroom, you can add other elements as you start working on the master bedroom layout. Other elements may include a work area, a storage area for clothes, and a reading area. Today, I would like to look at some 21st-century ideas for a home layout.

The master bedroom should be a space full of intimacy that feels like a refuge. The master bedroom should be a place of rest away from all kinds of noise and bustle. In other words, the master bedroom should be a space of comfort. And the bed is the most essential element of the space .

In this context, you need to make a good decision about which room will be your master’s room in the overall layout of your home . You must keep in mind the orientation of the room and the location of the windows.

It is also important to keep the bedroom clean and tidy. In other words, you will have to develop an effective storage system.

This will at least give you good care of your home’s clothing and accessories. Although you don’t want to have a lot of stuff in your bedroom in the first place.

Master bedroom layout: versatile space

Home Layout: A Collection of 21st Century Ideas

The bedroom has become a versatile space, not just for sleeping and relaxing . The master bedroom is now a space for all kinds of activities such as reading, listening to music, working, and having breakfast.

However, in order to perform these various activities in the master room, you will need to add furniture that you did not think were related to the bedroom. You may need a work table, TV stand, or armchair. If the master bedroom is large, you can add a bathroom or built-in dressing room.

Home Layout: A Collection of 21st Century Ideas

If you want your bed to be in the right place, you need to consider the shape of the room and the location of the doors and windows .

The most aesthetically pleasing arrangement would be to place the bed facing the door or window, if possible. For example, if you have a terrace or a beautiful view, it would be great if you could wake up in the morning while looking at it.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the natural light by placing the bed parallel to the window.

Do not place the bed directly under the window or in the wind.

Also, stick the headboard to the wall.

If your master bedroom is square, you can attach the bed to the wall next to it and put a large closet on the wall facing the headboard of the bed (whether it’s a built-in closet or a separate closet). This will create airflow enough that the doors and windows on either side of the bed will not disturb your sleep.

If your master bedroom is rectangular, you can put the bed facing the window, Door and a ceiling-to-ceiling closet on one wall.

If you have an L-shaped bedroom, you have more options for layout. You can add bookshelves, reading or workspaces, and many more.

Bedroom structure

Home Layout: A Collection of 21st Century Ideas

The master bedroom is a space where we store a lot of personal items. Clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, books, photos, etc.

Space utilization can be maximized by making good use of closets and shelves . That way, you have more space to store and display things .

One of the best options for organizing clothing is a built-in dressing room.

But if your bedroom is small, this might not be a very good idea. This is because the dressing room takes away the bedroom or moving space.

Where should I store all my books and other personal items?

If appropriate for your room size, you can set up a bookcase along one wall.

Alternatively, you can install column-shaped shelves in the small space between the closet and the wall.

The empty space under the window is also a great place to put a small bookcase and closet.

Additional furniture

Home Layout: A Collection of 21st Century Ideas

Once you’ve decided on the layout for the main pieces of furniture to put in the master room, it’s time to think about smaller pieces of furniture .

A schiffernier , chest of drawers or wardrobe can be a good complement to the storage space in the room.

In any case, it’s a good idea to leave some space next to the bed so you can easily reach your back or other everyday items .

If your bedroom is not spacious, you can install built-in shelves or wall lamps instead of a nightstand.

If you have a lot of shoes, storage of your shoes can be an important issue.

If you don’t have a lot of space , you can put a folding shoe rack . These shoe hangers take up little space (approximately 35 – 45 cm) to store shoes vertically. These shoe hangers can also be placed in the space behind the door.

Another great idea is to place a covered, folding bench at the foot of the bed. Not only can you use it to sit or take off your shoes, it’s also great for storing items like bed sheets. It can be a practical and decorative item.

Another good furniture option is a fluffy chair.

In these days, it is becoming more and more common to have work spaces in the master bedroom, and these spaces are very versatile . You can maximize space utilization by placing only a table or desk next to the window.

Home Layout: Imagination and Vision

So far, we have looked at the trends in the layout of the home room in the 21st century .

Whatever shape and size your home space is, make the most of it in an appropriate way. All you need is a little imagination and vision.