How to Care For Solid Wood Furniture


In addition to regular cleaning of wooden furniture, extra care is needed to ensure that it does not lose its natural luster.

Although not all solid wood furniture and materials are the same  , care must be taken to keep the furniture in top condition.

How often should the wooden furniture be cleaned?

There is no exact number of times for this task. However, it is important to thoroughly clean the furniture at least once a week. With this in-depth cleaning, we can remove dirt and debris that could damage the wood.

Also, if you keep cleaning your furniture, it will last longer, stay shiny and elegant.

Natural remedies to care for solid wood furniture

There are many ways to properly clean your wood furniture at home without compromising its integrity. Here are some interesting natural remedies you can use to clean your furniture using materials already in your home.

Egg white

How to Care For Solid Wood Furniture

Egg whites can make very dry and dull wood furniture look great again.  This material restores wood furniture, moisturizes it, and keeps it bright and shiny.

  • To use this method correctly, the egg whites must be separated from the yolk. Then stir the egg whites.
  • Next, add a spoonful of ammonia (15ml) and apply directly to the wood.
  • Finally, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it with a dry cloth. That way, the wooden furniture will shine again.

Olive oil and lemon

This is one of the most used recipes for wooden furniture. This mixture makes the wood really shiny and stylish, including furniture that has already been polished .

  • Mix equal amounts of olive oil and lemon, apply to furniture, and dry.

Olive oil and rubbing alcohol

How to Care For Solid Wood Furniture

This method is used on polished furniture to polish and remove scratches .

  • As with the previous method, the two ingredients should be mixed in equal amounts, applied to the wood, and air dried.

Olive oil and red wine

It is ideal for dark wood furniture and hard wood furniture that is difficult to shine due to its opacity.

  • Just mix a little olive oil and red wine and apply it to the wood.
  • Next, a layer of glycerin, which acts as a protective and glossy film, must be applied to the furniture.

Other ways

Solid wood furniture needs different management methods depending on the product type.

Protects wood from heat and sun

How to Care For Solid Wood Furniture

Strong heat and sun can be very aggressive and harmful to wooden furniture. So it can fade and even stain. That’s why you need to protect it by putting objects or fabrics on wooden furniture.

Keep the right temperature

When relocating furniture, it is important not to move suddenly, as the wood finish can be damaged. To successfully move furniture, you need to lift it off the ground or use a furniture mover.