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A door is the first thing everyone sees Whenever they Visit your House Apartment or even a Room. At the same time it’s the last thing they contemplate after leaving, Below is the List of a Few Amazing Home Door Design Ideas for Interior and Exterior.

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Best Door Designs Latest
Best Door Designs Latest
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Three new and attractive sliding door designs

The best way to save space while keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter is to use sliding doors.

Three new and attractive sliding door designs

In any home, the door is an essential element. Doors separate spaces and protect the house from cold and heat. Not only that, but the door is a tool to add style and a warm atmosphere to your home . Have you ever considered sliding doors? Today, I would like to introduce three attractive sliding door designs .

Ordinary, ordinary hinged doors take up a lot of useful space. This can be a serious problem in a small home. Therefore, people are trying to find a solution that can make the most of the given space without sacrificing design.

Sliding doors are a great idea for those who pursue both functionality and aesthetics . The sliding door saves space because it moves in a direction parallel to the wall. These sliding doors can also be a unique decor tool!

I want to share three sliding door ideas. Very fantastic!

1. Rustic wooden sliding door Design

As you already know, wood is the most basic interior design material. Wood is also a good material for sliding doors. Choosing a tree is safe because it is very unlikely to fail . Trees look great no matter where and how they are used.

Wooden sliding doors with a rustic design look especially nicer . One option is to install two sliding doors that move in both directions.

If a wooden sliding door is installed between the entrance and the living room, the two spaces can be separated nicely. In addition, it looks quite stylish even if it is installed in the bathroom, where space is more important than any place in the house.

Rustic wooden sliding doors give the feeling of an old farmhouse. So if you want to give your home an antique touch , this is an option to consider.

Wooden sliding door

2. Modern glass sliding doors

The glass sliding door is beautiful. However, what you need to know is that the price range is considerable. This is because the materials are expensive and the installation is difficult.

You can hide tracks or make them visible. If you want a refined and more delicate atmosphere , especially if your home style is minimal, it’s better to hide the track.

On the other hand , if you want a more casual and industrial look , use a visible track. This doesn’t suit all designs, but it’s cheaper.

All of these choices depend on the style of your home decor.

Another option is a glass sliding door with a thin wood or aluminum frame (white or black). With a door like this, any room will look more modern . Choose a frame that goes well with other furniture. Otherwise, it may have the exact opposite effect as intended.

Glass sliding doors look great when installed in the living room . It will create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. In fact, this effect makes glass sliding doors especially recommended for living rooms. When a visitor enters the house, it is the first thing they will encounter.

However, glass sliding doors are great even if you install them in the bedroom. It will give you a formal feeling. Choose clear glass . More daylight will come in and the room will look more spacious.

Sliding door

3. Industrial-style track Slide Door Design

Sliding doors with industrial-style tracks are one of the most popular sliding doors these days. This industrial style is getting more fans every day. Doors of this kind are used in all kinds of different places these days.

These doors are usually plated with metal or aluminum. The door was made to look like it came from an old factory . If you make the track visible, it’s a non-formal look. Some sliding doors are designed in the form of pocket doors. A pocket door refers to a door in which the door slides through a gap in the wall and is hidden . For the most plausible industrial-style look, I suggest making the doors and tracks visible.

You can also make industrial-style sliding doors from glass to allow more sunlight to enter. These doors are made of glass doors and metal edges, and are often rusted with metal for a unique look like a real industrial style.


As we saw today, sliding doors are one of the best ways to save space and add a creative touch to your home. In addition to the styles mentioned today, there are more products available in a variety of materials and designs.

Simply put, sliding doors are functional and aesthetic.

There are things that connect space and space as a medium. The representative one is the door. The indoor space that is closed from the outside is a medium that connects to the outdoors, and in fact, there is such a door that the person entering the room feels safe by himself. It is also possible to feel that you are in your own space because the door is closed so that no outsiders can enter the room. The house we live in now also divides space and space through several doors. First of all, there is a front door to protect the house where my family lives and from the outdoors.When entering the room, from the living room to the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. . Let’s find out now which doors are and which ones are good.

What material can the door be made of?

The materials for making doors vary considerably depending on the location and purpose. Let’s look at the 7 most used ingredients. The first is trees. Wood has always been one of the most beloved materials preferred by many people, transcending style and time, from long ago to now. It is used more as an interior door than a front door, and about 80% of interior doors are made of wood in the current interior market. Wood such as MDF, skin, and solid wood is mainly used, and it is also classified into several types such as solid wood, skin, and laminated wood doors.

  1. The most preferred is a wooden door made of only the most eco-friendly wood itself,  but it has the disadvantage that it is expensive and difficult to manage due to weak moisture. Of course, the grain of wood is also beautiful because it is nature itself, and it has the advantage of being able to smell the subtle scent of wood.
  2. The second is steel. Steel doors are widely used not only for interior doors but also for front doors. It is often used as a general building door. It is durable in any weather and does not cause problems such as warping or shrinking.
  3. The third is fiberglass. In the case of fiberglass doors, they are used outdoors rather than indoors. There is a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. The durability is weaker than the steel door, but the price is relatively inexpensive.
  4. The fourth is glass. Glass doors are used only as 99.9% of interior doors.
  5. The fifth is vinyl. Vinyl doors are hard to see in houses. Use in the garden or in greenhouses.
  6. The sixth is aluminum. Aluminum doors should only be used as interior doors and can be used for a long time if carefully crafted. It can be manufactured according to the desired price point, so it is widely used.
  7. The seventh is a hollow metal door. Hollow metal doors are very durable and are widely used not only indoors but also outdoors. The shape does not change at all even in abnormally lowered sub-zero or heatwave weather. If time passes, the lower part of the door may rust a little, and there is a disadvantage that cold air enters the room when it is cold and hot air flows into the room when it is hot because it has no insulation ability.

What type of lock fits the door?

When choosing the right lock for your door, you must first think about its strength. Assuming that the strength is divided into three levels, the weakest locks are spring latch locks, and the stronger locks are standard deadbolt locks. You can think of a lock that moves only by turning the handle. The hardest possible locks are vertical and double-cylinder deadbolt locks.

What is the type of inquiry?

The shape of the door can be divided into a total of five.

  1. First, consider the traditional door. Traditionally, a plate made of wood, glass, or metal was attached to the door, a swirling ornament was drawn, and colored plate glass was attached.
  2. The second thing you can think of is the craft door. In the case of craft doors, they are generally made of fiberglass or wood, and most of them have windows on top of the doors.
  3. The third is the modern-style door. In general, they often wear colored plates or glass with multiple colors, emphasizing a straight, clear image.
  4. The fourth is a rustic-style door. Rustic-style doors, which emphasize a simple and rustic atmosphere, are mostly made of heavy and thick materials such as wood or stone.
  5. The fifth is the arched door. The arch-shaped door that draws a soft curve can draw a unique and impressive space with a soft atmosphere coming from the curve itself.

How much time is required to install the door?

You may need a door to build a new home or build a building. Or, when you want to change a door while renovating a house or building, you must think about time and money. Style is also important, but you cannot proceed without knowing how long it will take or how much cost. Simply summarized by inquiry type is as follows.

In the case of a standard single two-way hinged door, it usually takes 2.5 to 4 hours. In the case of a double two-way swinging door, it takes 3.5 to 6 hours, and for a single two-way swinging door, it takes 4.5 to 7 hours. Lastly, be aware that it takes 4 to 8 hours for a double two-way opening door with a window on the top of the door. In addition, it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to install the door lock. If it’s a custom-made wooden door and doesn’t have pre-cut holes, it can take 1 to 1.5 hours.

Door installation process and installation cost

First, the prepared molding is inserted into the given frame and fixed with pieces, etc. Then, insert the molded frame into the place where the door will go, and fix the molding to the wall while keeping it horizontal. After that, the molding on the back is also fixed, and then the door is attached using a hinge to fit the frame. It is often done by hand, but at this time, it is better to work with two people to ensure that the door is securely fixed to the wall, and make sure to check the vertical and horizontal lines between them. When installing with expert help, the cost varies depending on the situation. In the case of an indoor door, it depends on whether it is a sliding door or a sliding door, and if it is replaced, the existing wiring and switch may need to be moved.