Green Tea Benefits and Uses


    Green tea burns fat so that it does not accumulate in the body,

    It is said to be helpful in diet by breaking down glycogen (animal starch).

    Also, it is said to be effective for weight loss because it promotes metabolism.

    Green tea is good for skin care and has anti-aging effects and has the effect of discharging body waste.

    If you drink it consistently, I think it will be very helpful for your diet and health.

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    Next is the 7 commandments of the green tea diet~

    1. Drinking a glass before and after meals

    2. Drink green tea when eating fatty foods at lunch

    3. Exercise every day for a certain amount of time and drink green tea before and after exercise.

    4. Drinking green tea with a light breakfast even after waking up in the morning

    5. Drink green tea whenever you think of snacks

    6. Drink more than 10 cups of green tea per day

    7. Using green tea when making food