5 Ways to Get Healthier Looking Skin [Easy Tips!]


There are a ton of factors that go into having healthy skin. Want to know how to look and feel your best? Read these tips! You’re going to love them!

You may feel healthy, but achieving healthy-looking skin can be a whole ‘other story. There are so many factors that go into having healthy skin, from what you eat to the Beverly Hills MD products (or whatever skincare brand you prefer) that you put on your body, with endless advice about how to achieve it cropping up everywhere.

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The Importance Of Having Healthy Skin Year-Round 

A healthy and happy skin mirrors a healthy and happy body. As the largest organ in your body, it’s paramount to prioritize your skin health as it’s your first line of defense against the outside world. Your skin can also show vital clues to your overall health. Most importantly, beautiful and radiant skin can significantly impact your confidence and self-esteem.

There is not one piece of skincare advice that works for all of us. So, we’re going to cover the basics and explain what it means to you and your skin type. With these five ways to get healthier-looking skin, you’ll discover a method that makes your skin glow and feel sensational.

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Yes, you know that your diet affects your skin. But a little refresher course in how, why, and what to do about it never hurt anyone.

Healthy-looking skin is borne from a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

According to doctors at Mayo Clinic, the best skin-enhancing foods include:

  • Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, bell peppers, and apricots
  • Leafy green vegetables, such as kale and spinach
  • Blueberries, strawberries, and other berries
  • Fatty fish, like salmon and mackerel
  • Nuts, beans, peas, and legumes
  • Tomatoes

Making these foods part of every meal is a surefire way to promote healthy skin, as they’re all rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

If you’re not crazy about fruits and veg, make a daily juice or smoothie by combining a few of the listed items above and take it all down in a few gulps.

As well as what to eat, keep in mind what to avoid, such as processed foods, refined sugars, lots of carbs, and unhealthy fats.

If you suffer from dry skin, make sure you’re getting plenty of healthy fats in your diet, such as from avocado, to help further replenish skin.


There are so many delicious drinks that help make our skin look incredible. It’s about a lot more than water (though water is essential, too!)

Here are a few liquids you need to sip to keep hydrated and bring your skin to new levels of health:

  • Tea: Green tea and spearmint tea are antioxidant powerhouses. They’re especially great for fighting the signs of aging, so if you’ve been concerned that your skin is starting to look its age, reach for the kettle, stat.
  • Red wine: Important Fact about wine is that The abundant antioxidants present in red wine help fight free radicals that age and damage skin. Just keep it to a single glass a day. Any more and you’ll reckon with dehydration and a slew of other potential health issues.
  • Bone broth: Another good one if you’re concerned about the appearance of aging, bone broth contains animal collagen. Ingesting collagen may help promote your body’s collagen production. You can always get the best collagen powder here which keeps skin youthful and firm.
  • Soy milk: Vegan or vegetarian? You may abstain from bone broth, but soy products are likely a staple in your diet. And soy milk can improve the condition of your skin thanks to its isoflavones, so sip on.

Be Merry

It’s common knowledge that stress is bad for your skin.

When you feel stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol. This disturbs your stomach’s sensitive gut microbe, which causes skin outbreaks, under-eye dark circles, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles.

It’s not always easy, but it’s worth trying to push off the negative feelings that come when you’re brimming with stress. Maintaining a positive mood stops your hormones from wreaking havoc on your body.

When you feel overwhelmed, try to take time for yourself and breathe deeply for a few minutes. This can improve your mood, which keeps your body calm, which reflects in the appearance of your skin.

If you have acne-prone skin, it’s especially vital to create a relaxation routine that fits in with your schedule. Along with breathing exercises, try yoga, journaling, and meditation to lower your stress levels.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Prolonged sun exposure causes painful sunburn and elastosis, which is the premature aging of skin due to a loss of elasticity and collagen. All in all, too much sun will make your skin look unhealthy.

And more than just hurting the appearance of our skin, it can cause deadly skin cancer.

If you must spend a significant amount of time in the sun, be sure to wear (and constantly reapply) sunblock.

Depending on your skin type, you may tolerate sun exposure better and look fab with a tan. But that doesn’t mean you should roast in the sun at every opportunity.

People with pale, sensitive skin need to be extra vigilant about avoiding sun exposure, just as you need to be careful about what sunblock you wear outdoors. Specific sunblocks may clog your pores and cause your skin to erupt in blemishes, but more on this next.

Use the Right Products For You

Just as we’re inundated with advice on what to eat for healthy-looking skin, so we are about what to slather on it.

It’s time to tune out the noise and find the products that work for *you*, not your sister, coworker, or best friend’s second cousin.

How do we do this, though? Pay close attention to what goes in your face washes, moisturizers, makeup, etc. The more natural the product, the better it is for your skin, no matter your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid products with fragrances. You don’t necessarily have to avoid products with oil, as oils can be your secret weapon to having healthy-looking skin. If you have acne-prone skin, though, you may still want to avoid oily products.

Anyone who worries about aging skin should look for products that contain hyaluronic acid, retinol, ALA, CoQ10, peptides, and vitamin C.

Moreover, look into skincare products with a medical and pharmaceutical approach, known as cosmeceutical skincare. These products are backed with medical research that focuses on skin healing and regeneration—an aspect of skincare you should prioritize for excellent long-term skin health. 

If you’re looking for products that deliver optimal and consistent results, you may refer to Osmosis Skincare Australia as they can satisfy your skincare needs and wants. Consider taking their online consultation to see which products are best for your skin.

Again, beauty products made with as many recognizable, natural ingredients are most likely to help all skin types look healthier.


By following these five tips, you can end the mystery behind getting skin that looks and feels great.

Consider what you eat, drink, your attitude, avoiding sun exposure, and using the correct products for your skin. They’re the simple ways to tame skin and keep it looking young, radiant, and healthy.

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5 Ways to Get Healthier Looking Skin [Easy Tips!]

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