The roof top garden with wonderful greenery in an urban space surrounded by asphalt or concrete is like a green paradise floating in the sky. The rooftop space of a city surrounded by a forest of high-rise buildings can be used as a shelter where you can take a break from tired work, secure the amount of green space that is impossible on the ground, and also become a public garden where you can enjoy green nature from above. Standing on a high level and looking down on the surroundings, the view always opens up your mind. Therefore, not only in the city but also in the suburbs of the city, roof gardens are also created where you can enjoy and enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Roof Top gardens not only make urban spaces beautiful, but also increase the value of buildings and enable high-density land use that replaces the obligatory landscaping area on the ground. In addition, by greening the rooftop, heat islands in the city are reduced, and heating and cooling energy are saved, and many other benefits are provided. In order to use the rooftop space as a garden, a design should be made in consideration of environmental conditions such as temperature and wind, and loads of soil and structures, and equipment systems such as irrigation and drainage should be equipped. In addition, continuous management of irrigation, fertilization, and pruning is required. To make maintenance easier, there are cases where the rooftop is decorated with convenient facilities such as a bench and a bench as a space for view and relaxation without creating a green space. Let’s look at the examples of and find ideas for my own rooftop space.


A Roof Top Garden full of lavender

Modern balcony, veranda & terrace roof top garden

Since it is difficult to secure a deep soil depth on the rooftop, low shrubs or small trees are mainly planted. This is also a planter that rises slightly above the deck from the lower part of the wooden deck, and plants and shrubs are planted at the border. In addition, to prevent the vertical artificial structure from being conspicuous, wall greening was performed with sewage-type and climbing-type vine plants, and movable planters were placed everywhere to decorate the garden with more abundant plants. The wooden floor and outdoor chairs create a warm and gentle harmony with healthy and fresh plants, and the pleasant lavender scent of the rooftop breeze relaxes the body and mind.
Dongle wooden deck and garden sofa

roof top garden

On a square rooftop, a wooden deck is laid on the floor in a round shape and a round garden sofa is placed to create a cozy and cozy garden. For tall trees planted on the rooftop, it is necessary to select a tree that does not have deep roots so as not to damage the structure of the building, and care must be taken not to be broken by the wind. Here too, a wooden partition that can serve as a railing as well as a windbreak wall was erected for stability. The boxwood, which has been trimmed in a round shape according to the circular design code, adds to the style of the garden like an object.

Cliff Dwelling Modern balcony, Roof Top Garden

Cliff Dwelling

It is a romantic rooftop terrace with a contrasting charm with a modern and simple straight building . Between the wooden decks of the floor, there is a square green space planted with low plants such as a garden, and a rustic outdoor table set is placed nicely in the middle space. A highly permeable handrail was installed to draw the outside waterscape closer and to appreciate the water surface, and plants and props other than the handrail were excluded in the edge space so as not to block the landscape. It harmonizes with the widespread surrounding lake scenery to create a cool and romantic scenery.

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High and low square planters and water space

Modern balcony, veranda & terrace Roof Top Garden

Planters with high and low squares were installed to create greenery with small trees and low plants. To soften the structural stiff atmosphere of the planter, wooden pavement in warm colors is used outside, and a sculptural square water space and a large natural landscape stone are placed in it to create an atmosphere that symbolizes the pond and island of the oriental landscape. . In the form of a modern and clean minimalism design, it is a garden in which the landscape aspect seen from the interior space is emphasized, and a public garden with a clean and neat feeling without waste.

A light planter and a small hillside shelter in Roof top Garden

Modern balcony, veranda & terrace by Floema srl ​​Modern

The rooftop of an office building in the city center becomes a shelter space where employees who are tired of work breathe outside air and refresh their mind and body. It is also a space where you can come up for lunch and eat sandwiches, drink coffee, and chat with colleagues comfortably. This is a unique roof garden consisting of a bright light green planter with a modern design, a unique bench reminiscent of a small hilly hill, and a large cushion that looks soft and comfortable. A variety of plants were used in the light green curved planter like decorating with flowers in vases, and the floor and other structures were made to have a black background, so that only the planter, plants and benches for rest were emphasized.

Private garden prestigious with high railings and planters

Roof Top Garden

If you want to create your own quiet garden space in the rooftop space between the urban building forests, you can also recommend a private garden that is prestigious as a planter that provides high railings and rich greenery as shown in the photo. Overall, this place is in a heavy natural tone, with a wooden deck and pots on it, a planter made of wood, and plants with heavy texture of dark green planted inside the planter, a comfortable back chair and a flat bench with a classic design. All of these are in harmony and form a calm and stable sense of space.